21 June 2004

Silat should be shared with the world

KEPALA BATAS, Sun. - Silat, a martial art mostly known in the Malay archipelago, should be shared with the rest of the world.

In making the call today, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi also urged more non-Malays to learn the art as it teaches followers values like discipline and self-control.

He said these were among qualities which the Government hoped would be possessed by all Malaysians.

"As silat gains popularity among Malaysians, efforts should be made to introduce it in other countries," he said at the Malaysian Silat Lincah national gathering and presentation ceremony at SMK Datuk Haji Ahmad Badawi here.

Abdullah's views were echoed by Culture, Art and Heritage Minister Datuk Rais Yatim who said silat had the potential to be recognised like taekwondo and karate.

He said a proposal to officially recognise silat as part of the country's heritage would be forwarded to the Government.

Also present were Penang Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas, Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon, several Cabinet ministers and local and international silat exponents.

Abdullah was later conferred the title "Ulul Amri ll", one of Silat Lincah's highest awards, by Rahman.

He was also presented with a headdress (tanjak), keris, sword, a replica house and a sash.

Others who received awards from the association were Koh, Rais, Information Minister Datuk Seri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir and Penang Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Abdul Rashid Abdullah.

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20 June 2004


KEPALA BATAS, June 20 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today received the Second "Ulul Amri", the Silat Lincah Malaysia's highest award.

Penang's Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas, who is the First "Ulul Amri", presented the award at a ceremony here.

The award comprised a "selendang kehormat", "tanjak", a keris, a sword and replica of a "rumah adat".

Information Minister Datuk Paduka Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim and several others also received the honorary award for their contribution to the Malay martial arts.

Abdullah also received a sword of honour, signifying the highest award from the Datuk Bandar Cebilang Satun, Thailand, Arshad Langi.

Abdul Rahman and the "mahaguru" of Silat Lincah Malaysia Datuk Omar Din Mauju were also awarded similar swords.

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17 June 2004

Brunei: Silat umpire course participants awarded

A certificate presentation for participants of the Silat umpire/jury course was held Tuesday at the multipurpose hall of the Menglait Sports Complex.

Participated by several expatriates, the course - which ran from June 11 to 15 - aimed to enhance skills as well as share the knowledge of a Silat umpire/jury.

On hand to award participants with certificates was the President of the Silat National Team Federation of Brunei Darussalam (PERSIB) cum guest of honour Pg Jaya Indera Pg Hj Moktar Putih bin Pg Hj Rajid, who is also Vice President of the Silat International Federation (PERSILAT).

The day also saw the Head of Silat Umpire/Jury Board Cikgu Dua bin Hj Gharib as well as Chairperson of the Board Pg Hj Metali bin Pg Hj Md Daud furnishing participants with words of wisdom.

Special awards were also presented to the best participants of the 5-day course.

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11 June 2004

Pencak Silat in the UK

11 June 2004, UNITED KINGDOM - Pencak Silat is a traditional martial art from the Indonesian-Melayu Archipelago. This month, London hosts the first ever UK International Pencak Silat Championships - a great opportunity to check it out.

With a history going back over 1,000 years, Pencak Silat as a warrior art, greatly influenced the history and culture of the region. Today Pencak Silat can be practised as a method of self-defence, as a competitive sport, or for the chance to learn one of the world's few remaining complete traditional martial arts systems. Like many martial arts, it can develop physical co-ordination, poise, fitness, as well as self-confidence and responsibility amongst its students.

The International Pencak Silat Federation has developed this martial art into sports ('tanding') and artistic ('seni') competition events, which are included in the South East Asia Games. At the moment Silat is not included in the Olympic Games, but has won recognition in the Asian Games. While the sport side is very comabtive, the artistic side is beautifully choreographed and as difficult as any specialised dance form.

The first UK International championships take place between 11-13th June at the Kensington Leisure Centre. Teams from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, Europe, Australia and the UK will take part. Competitors will include Gold medallists from the most recent South East Asia Games, the last World Championships, and the European Championships of 2003.

The event aims to raise awareness of Pencak Silat as a competitive sport with Olympic potential, and to promote the PSF UK to officials from national sports bodies, and to local sports development teams. By presenting young local people in competition with world class athletes, the Championships aims to new audiences, and increase participation in this unique aspect of Indonesian and Melayu culture.

The Championships will be officially opened by the Indonesian Ambassador on the evening of Friday 11 June. The opening ceremony will include performances of Indonesian music and dance, and demonstrations of different Pencak Silat styles. Competition events will start on the Saturday morning.

UK International Pencak Silat Championships
Indonesian Martial Arts, 12-13th June 2004
Kensington Leisure Centre, Walmer Road, London W11
Sat 9am-10pm, Sun 9am-6pm
Adults £5 under 16's £3,
free for under 12's - 2 day pass £8/£5
Tel: 020 7737 5488

Sourced from http://www.bbc.co.uk/london/yourlondon/unitedcolours/roots/pencak_silat.shtml

09 June 2004

Silat exponents glitter with four golds in UK

KUALA LUMPUR, June 29 (Bernama) -- Five national silat exponents did the country proud with glittering performances, winning four golds and a silver at the European Invitational in the United Kingdom which ended on June 13.

The team comprising Mohd Azrin Abdul Malik, Ahmad Sharil Zainudin, Mohd Zubir Osman and Emy Latip performed beyond expectations to surpass the three- gold target set for the meet.

If not for an ankle injury suffered by Sarah Iskhak during her semi-final bout, the Malaysian team may have returned with five gold medals.

Sarah who won her semi-final bout despite her injury, had to settle for the silver.

The Malaysian Silat Association (PSKM) honorary secretary Megat Zulkarnain Omar Din said the five exponents put up a tremendous performance although they were up against strong challengers from Indonesia, Holland and Singapore.

"We are certainly proud of their achievement as the tournament was part of their preparations for the December World Silat Championships in Singapore," he said.

Megat said the determination and fighting spirit, displayed by Sarah despite suffering the injury is highly commendable.

He added the Malaysian squad for the biennial World Championships in Singapore starting on Dec 14, would be made up of 35 exponents, 26 men and nine women.

According to him, PSKM have yet to set any targets as it is still early.

The PSKM will continue to sent their exponents for competitions abroad before gathering them for the intensive centralised training in Bukit Jalil starting September.

During the last World Championships held in Penang, Malaysia won three golds through Ahmad Faizal Omar, Ariff Khamis and Ahmad Shahril.

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07 June 2004

Kedah dominate with five gold medals

KEDAH clinched five out of the 11 gold medals offered as they dominated the Malaysia Games silat events at the Seremban Municipal Hall yesterday.

Kedah, with nine of their athletes in final matches, took the top spots in the men's G, H and J categories and the women's A and B categories.

National athlete Siti Jameelah Japilus took the gold in the B category with an aggressive display beating Selangor's Nur Azilah Azidin 4-1.

Vietnam Sea Games silver medallist Siti had failed to clinch a medal in the 2002 Games.

"I am very happy to win my first medal in the Games as I have been training for the past two years in preparation for the event," she said.

In the E category, Kedah's Nur Shuhada, however, fell 5-0 to a more determined Siti Sharnani from Malacca.

Kedah's Norshaniza Azizan was in top form as she defeated Kelantan's Nur Liyana Nik Li 5-0 in the women's B cateory.

Abdul Ghofur (Kedah), after a hard-fought battle, took the gold in the men's J category when he beat Noradzimi Mohamed Nor from Penang 3-2.

"I am very proud since this is my first Malaysia Games and I have achieved my dream of a top finish," said the Kuala Kedah fireman.

Pahang's Mohamed Zulhanafiah, last year's national junior gold medallist, managed to clinch the gold medal in the D category when he thrashed Kedah's Mohamed Syafiq 5-0.

Kedah, however, had a disappointment in the E category as national athlete Mohamed Amin Saadun was thrashed 5-0 by a more agile and aggressive Hafifi Hafize from Kuala Lumpur.

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06 June 2004

Zuraidi wins amidst controversy

UNDERDOG Mohamed Zuraidi Abu Bakar of Sarawak kept his calm despite controversy to take gold as Kedah fans protested decisions violently at the Malaysia Games silat competition at the Seremban Municipal Hall yesterday.

After beating Kedah exponent Mohamed Khoharullah Abdul Majid in a controversial semi-final that saw fans hurl chairs onto the court and a photographer assaulted, Zuraidi stayed focused because he wanted to take the gold home for Sarawak.

In the final, although still nursing an ankle injury sustained in training, Zuraidi played through the pain barrier to beat Perak's Megat Iskandar Abdullah 4-1 in the final.

The gutsy 19-year old was disappointed that things got out of hand in the semi-final but had to keep focus because he had a point to prove.

"The Kedah team and officials had nothing to do with the fracas, it was their fans, but I blocked it out of my mind because I wanted to take the gold home for Sarawak." "You can be a natural, but if you do not listen to your coaches, then you will amount to nothing.

Sarawak, who had Mohamed Zairi Johari in the men's class F final, can count themselves unlucky not to take gold as well after he injured his knee in the match against Penang's Hilmi Jafni Zakaria and could not continue.

In other finals yesterday, Kelantan's Wan Nurul Hidayu beat Kuala Lumpur's Siti Jasili 4-0 in the women's class C while Penang's Syahizan Marzuki beat Labuan's Irwan Rapai to take the men's class B gold.

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05 June 2004

Cameraman assaulted during fracas in silat venue

SEREMBAN, June 5 (Bernama) -- A cameraman from a private television station, covering the 10th Sukma's pencak silat events, was assaulted during a fracas at the Seremban Municipal Hall here today.

Mohd Raes Rajab, 27, a cameraman with Silversports Sdn Bhd alleged that he was assaulted twice, first inside the competition hall and later outside the hall.

Mohd Raes said he suffered injuries to his lips during the attack while his camera was snatched away by a group of spectators, believed to be family members of a Kedah silat exponent, who lost his earlier bout. He was filming a commotion that broke out at the venue.

He said while filming a bout between Perak and Labuan, a number of spectators interrupted the match by throwing chairs into the competition area, believed to be an act of protest against an earlier decision by the judges to award the match to Sarawak.

"I focused on the incident and continued rolling my camera when the group turned on me," said Mohd Raes.

He added that during the commotion, he was punched in the face and his camera taken away and when he came out of the hall, the same man had assaulted him.

"I lost my camera and when an official managed to find it later, I found that it was already damaged," said Mohd Raes who received outpatient treatment at Hospital Seremban.

He later made a police report at the Rahang Police station, Seremban.

The Malaysian Pencak Silat Association secretary Megat Zulkarnain Omar Din who confirmed the incident said the commotion started after the men's 45-50kg (Silat Olaraga) category, quarter-final match which featured Kedah's Mohd Khoharullah Abdul Majid and Sarawak's Mohammad Zuraidi Abu Bakar.

"The match was a 50-50 encounter but Mohammad Zuraidi was declared the winner by a 3-2 score. The action of the camareman to film the incident must have upset them," said Megat.

He added that no officials, athletes, coaches or judges were involved.

"The association views the incident very seriously as it is shameful. We have asked Kedah to submit a report immediately. For now we will allow the police to handle the matter," he said.

Meanwhile, the Sportswriters Association of Malaysia's deputy president Abu Bakar Atan referred to the incident as shameful and an act of irresponsible people.

"Nobody should obstruct the media from carrying out their duties. They are not looking for trouble but merely doing their job," he said.

He urged the organisers and the police to take immediate action against the culprits.

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01 June 2004

Hafizudin bags State's first gold medal

HAFIZUDIN Mohamed, to the delight of the Terengganu fans present at the packed hall, took the first silat gold medal when he beat Hadi Hassan from Johor 218-209 in the Malaysia Games solo putera discipline at the Seremban Municipal Hall yesterday.

Hafizudin's smooth flowing routine and skillful display in weapons handling outclassed Hadi as Jaafar Sidek from Negri Sembilan took the bronze with 206.

It was a tight battle in the men's team as Johor team (451 points) beat Sarawak by a single point with bronze medallists Negri Sembilan a further point adrift.

"The team is very happy but did not expect to win because the mats we performed on were slippery which resulted in a very cautious routine," said Hafiz Hasan.

Sarawak were a class above in the jurus tunggal baku putera when Mazlan Manaf took the gold with 448. Negri Sembilan's Mohamed Razif (445) clinched silver while Rasfan Halim from Kelantan was a point behind for the bronze.

In the regu puteri, Sarawak took gold with 453. Kuala Lumpur's smooth and coordinated display proved to be the deciding factor as they edged Johor for the silver since both teams shared the same score of 449.

Penang's Nur Fitriyah Baid (217) was the solo puteri gold medallist with Pahang's Siti Noreyisah Abidin (206) clinching the silver as Selangor's Siti Rahayu's aggressive performance resulted in a bronze finish with 203.

Negri Sembilan took the gold in the tempur ganda when they defeated Perak 209-204 while Johor edged Pahang 202-201 to take the bronze medal.

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