12 November 2000

Brunei pesilats for World Senior tourney

Brunei Darussalam National Pencak Silat Association (PERSIB) will participate in the World Senior Pencak Silat 2000 to be held in Jakarta mid November.

Eighteen pesilats will compete in the championship in two categories, seni and tanding. Most of them are experienced pesilats in national and international games except one new comer, Awang Ruddy Mas-Sharhain Haji Sarbini. They will compete against 30 other Asia-Pacific and Europe countries.

Ak. Md. Shahepol Radin, the toast of Brunei during the last SEA Games, will compete in Tunggal category together with Rasidah Lamit. While in Gandas, Hamidon Haji Othman with Seruji Haji Matyassin and Noraishah Haji Aji with Dk. Rosmahwati Pg. Haji Badaruddin will vie for honour.

Ak. Md Shahepol will team up with Ak Haji Md. Rudi Wasni Pg Haji Mohd. Daud and Ruddy Mas Sharhain in the male

Regu, while Rasidah will team up with Noraishah and Dk Rosmahwati in the female Regu.

The Golden Girl, Umi Kalthum Haji Abd. Karim will be competing in Class B Tanding. She said Brunei is going to face a hard time in Jakarta especially against Vietnam and host Indonesia.

Together with Umi in the Tanding category are Ak. Md. Khairul Alimin Pg. Haji Mohammad, Irwan Haji Ibrahim, Saiful Alwi Haji Budin, Rudy Haji Adini, Norhayati Haji Osman, Norshahrina Haji Affende and Dk.Nani Suryati Pg Haji Hussein.

Sourced from http://www.accessmylibrary.com/article-1G1-66863200/sports-brunei-pesilats-world.html

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