12 March 2001


KUALA LUMPUR, March 10 (Bernama) -- The Mahaguru and silat instructors from 21 martial arts organisations and associations today called on opposition parties to cancel plans to hold street demonstrations.

Their spokesman Datuk Haji Omardin Mauju said they should place the country and people's interests above their political agenda.

"We pledge to play our role to maintain the prevailing peace and stability in the country," he told reporters after a special meeting with the 5.3-million strong silat associations.

Omardin, who is the Mahaguru and founder of Pertubuhan Seni Silat Lincah Malaysia, said they have been silent over the street demonstrations staged by certain groups as it was an issue to be tackled by political parties.

"Nevertheless, of late street demonstrations have reached a stage that can threaten public peace and national security," he said.

"We feel the demonstrations have exceeded political limits," he said.

Asked whether members of self-defence organisations and associations participated in the street protests, Omardin said they have not received any reports or complaints on their members' involvement in such activities.

"Actually, we've been monitoring the demonstrations and arrests made by police. So far, there've been no reports of our members' involvement," he said.

Following the meeting, a memorandum pledging loyalty and support to the government was sent to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Sourced from http://www.accessmylibrary.com/article-1G1-71575139/shelve-plans-stage-street.html

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