15 March 2002


KEPALA BATAS, March 15 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today asked cultural bodies and silat associations to step up their programmes and activities to attract more youths to join.

The Deputy Prime Minister said the government supported their initiatives to increase their activities in efforts to overcome social ills among youths.

They should intensify their programmes and activities as the ones organised by the government were inadequate, he said when opening a silat arena of the Silat Gayung Fatani Association at Kampung Pokok Jeneris here.

Abdullah said cultural bodies and silat associations should organise healthy activities that could mould good personality, instil a sense of love for the country and to keep the minds active, especially among students.

"When youths get involved in such activities, they will not be easily hooked to drug addiction and can distance themselves from improper behaviours," he said.

Abdullah also urged parents to change their attitude to achieve progress for themselves and that of their families.

He said they should also cultivate self-discipline in their daily work.

Parents should spare time to check on their childrens' education, provide them with religious education and not waste precious time by indulging in non-beneficial activities, he said.

Abdullah said a change in attitude for self-advancement was in line with Hijrah concept exhorted by Islam.

"We must change our attitude to progress and parents should not be shy to learn new things in life," he added.

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