01 August 2005


JAKARTA, Aug 1 (Bernama) -- The Malaysia-based International Malay Secretariat is prepared to propagate the vision of towering Malays worldwide to encourage the Malays to become a dynamic group and capable of contributing to their countries.

President of the secretariat, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib, said that though the concept of the towering Malays originated in Malaysia from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, its benefits, vision and objectives also benefited the Malays in other countries.

"Especially in this era of globalisation, the Malays must emerge as a towering race, have a global attitude and spirit, and have an important role in whatever field in the world," he told Bernama here today.

He will put forward the concept by the Umno President to the Malay leaders in meetings and congresses at the international level, or at least to share with them the vision of bringing glory to the Malay race.

He said there were an estimated 300 million Malays in the world with almost 200 million of them in Indonesia, and with concerted efforts, they could contribute for the good of the global community.

Muhammad, who is also Umno Information Chief, said that with such a huge population, the Malays should have their own economic networking.

"As the Malays are associated closely with Islam, it cannot be avoided if the Malay image of being good and peace-loving can also help restore the image of Islam in the eyes of the world, what more now when Islam is linked to terrorism," he added.

Muhammad, who is also the Malaysian National Silat Federation (Pesaka) president, is here with other leaders of silat organisations from several countries as guests of the Ikatan Pencak Silat Seluruh Indonesia (IPSI) in conjunction with its 57th anniversary celebration.

The highlight of the celebration is the Pencak Silat Award Night 2005, the main itinerary of which is the conferment of the "Pendekar Kehormat" award to Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at Padepokan Pencak Silat in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah here at 7 pm tonight.

On the Malay art of self-defence, Muhammad said it played an important role in strengthening the resilience of the Malays.

"Don't look and assess the silat only through its assault tactics because the art ensures spiritual fulfilment of one's physical development to become a good individual capable of confronting challenges," he added.

Sourced from http://www.accessmylibrary.com/article-1G1-134820362/malay-secretariat-propagate-vision.html

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