01 October 2006

Sports Science Level 1 Course for silat instructors

It's been a slow news week for silat, unfortunately. Those who have come to the blog expecting an update would have been sorely disappointed.

However, a piece of good news for those silat instructors who have been shopping around for a Sport Science short course to add to your resume:

Cikgu Baharin Ibrahim (former national coach and current Asst Secretary for PESAKA Malaysia) is organising a Level 1 Sports Science Course. Interested? Then contact the man himself at +6017 679 6977.

The details of the course are as below:
Date: 8th - 13 Oct 2006
Venue: MSN Keramat AU
Fees: RM200.00

A steal if you ask me. Sigh! Can't get off work to attend though. So, if you're keen, then get further details from Cikgu Baharin before the places run out!

Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab

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