02 October 2007

Silat Melayu The Blog's New Home

Well, if it isn't already obvious, Silat Melayu The Blog is no longer at its old address. I'm currently in the process of moving everything here so if you're looking for old articles in this site, then you might find there are a few still missing.

However, if you still prefer to weather the slowness of the old site, then you may visit it at http://silatmelayu.blog.com/. You won't find me there though. I'll still keep that site up, but Blogger gives me more freedom to do what I want and publish what I want. But sad it is, because someone else has already registered http://silatmelayu.blogspot.com/, so this is the only address I could get.

In any case, this site should be a lot faster, more colourful and give me the ability to publish more articles. See you soon!

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