25 May 2008

Silat Gayang Lima vs Silat Setiabakti

On 10th May 2008, Perguruan Silat Melayu Keris Lok 9 held a seminar on 'Sembah Salam DiRaja - Adat, Adat & Istiadat' where participants were enlightened about the Melayu Royalty, cultures and heritage which originated thousands of years ago blended with the best of societies's high moral and ethnic values.

Through the years, the Melayu race and culture expanded from Sind in Nothern India and Hadramaut in Southern Arabia inheriting along the way, fine cultures of the Tartars, Nablus and even Turks.

In the 13th and 15th century, the Melayu Kingdom of Pasai and Melaka respectively signified the majesticity of the Melayu race. The Melayu empire went on to expand throughout the Melayu Archipelago. There are less than 25 monarchies left in today's world. 10 of them are in Malaysia and Brunei. In short, the Melayu race were exposed to the high and noble Brahmin cultures while holding steadfastly to the faith of Islam.

The imperial glories of Pasai (Northern Sumatra) and Melaka have long past us but we still have the present monarchies and values that we must serve and uphold with our lives.

"Tak Melayu hilang didunia".

The way we interact and address others, the clothings that we used to wear, the finesse of our craftsmanship, the humbleness and bravery of a God fearing race seem to have faded away in today's Melayu society. We like to think that we will live forever in this world. Acquire wealth, enjoy life and forget about sins.

When the time comes for us to die, we suddenly realise or even not, that it was all worthless unless we leave behind 3 things, knowledge which benefit others, children who never fail to pray for us and wealth which we have provided for those in need. Nevertheless, the one unique thing which differentiates the Melayu race from others is Silat.

The night before seminar, Guru Azlan Ghanie of Silat Melayu Keris Lok 9 extended an invitation for Guru Dahlan's Silat Setiabakti to perform during their 'selempang' awards ceremony on the next night. Only Cikgu Hamidi of Silat Setiabakti came along with Guru Dahlan for this seminar.

It was fine if Cikgu Hamidi had performed the Langkah Panglima of Silat Setiabakti alone. I suddenly came up with an idea, why don't we perform as two Silat systems and 'clash' as one? The idea was accepted. Seni Silat Setiabakti performed on one stage with Seni Silat Gayang Lima.

Alhamdulillah, the presentation went well and I humbly extend the video footage for your viewing pleasure. Please pardon the poor quality though. Until next time, Wassalam.

By Mr TM

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