02 November 2008

Of dreams and seminars

The TekpiWorks 2008 Seminar has seen a lot of response with interested participants contacting me from all over Malaysia, and even one from Singapura thus far.
The whole thing took an interesting twist a couple of days ago when a would-be participant called me (you're probably reading this blog right now) and told me of a strange coincidence.
The night before he called me, he claimed to have dreamt of the late founder of the silat style he's currently affiliated to. This style was one of the variants that stemmed from Allahyarham Mahaguru Yahya Said's (Pak Yah) teachings.
In the dream, the founder advised him to study the tekpi in order to complete his education in the style. To do that, the founder told him to track down Yahya Said's heir.
Imagine his shock the very next day, when he reads of the TekpiWorks Seminar being conducted by guru Pak Jaafar, Pak Yah's own nephew, who coincidentally claims to have inherited his knowledge from the old man himself.
That phone call wasn't just eerie for the caller, but for me as well. I told him how hesitant I was to even post the article but Allah works in ways we can never understand. After the call ended, I was left dumbfounded. The coincidence of the dream and the blog post was uncanny.
Sometimes, a small decision can make a big impact to another person's life. But, as much as we would like to think that we only do what we want, it was then I realised how little power we have in our lives, and how much Allah truly owns us.
Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab

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