05 January 2010

Former Athlete Dies in Bali Brawl

DENPASAR, Indonesia. Former national pencak silat athlete I Gede Arya Heru Wibawa died after being stabbed in the chest during a fight outside a Denpasar karaoke bar over the weekend.

Police have arrested I Wayan Darta in connection with the death.

According to police, the fight occurred at 11 p.m. on Sunday outside the Mirama Karaoke bar in the Bali capital.

Denpasar Police Chief Sr. Comr. Gede Alit Widana said on Tuesday that the suspect and his son, I Made Suastika, 21, went to a cafe in Renon, Denpasar, at about 9 p.m. on Sunday night.

“But the power was out at the cafe, so Darta and his son then went to Mirama Karaoke,” Widana said.

The officer said the two drank numerous beers, and that Suastika became involved in a scuffle with another customer.

Wibawa reportedly attempted to separate the two only to become involved in a pushing match with Suastika, which continued outside the bar.

Witnesses told police that when Suastika was pushed to the ground, Darta drew a sickle and machete, and stabbed Wibawa in the chest.

Onlookers rushed the former national athlete to Sanglah Hospital, but he died en route.

Widana said the suspect told officers that he always carried sharp weapons hidden on his body.

“Ever since I Wayan Darta was in a fight and almost killed [years ago], he always carried sharp weapons. He didn’t leave home without them,” Widana said.

The officer said that the suspect told police he would hide sharp weapons, including sickles, knives and machetes, under his clothes whenever he left his house.

Suastika, according to Widana, was also in the habit of carrying sharp weapons for protection.

Sourced from http://thejakartaglobe.com/news/former-athlete-dies-in-bali-brawl/351010

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