07 February 2010

Boost For Silat In Brunei

Bandar Seri Begawan - A total of 47 teachers are now better equipped to impart the art of Silat to students after they have completed a first-ever 19-day Pencak Silat coaching course for teachers in the secondary schools, colleges, pra-university and technical education institutions nationwide yesterday. Awang Md Sofri bin Hj Md Said, the chairperson of the organising committee in his welcoming address said:

"Among the objectives of the course are to produce potential coaches among teachers in each secondary school, colleges, pra-unversity and technical education institutions nationwide and to produce coaches that can train students according to the category of school, national, regional and international."

"With the qualified coach in each school, it will help to establish Pencak Silat club in schools for preparation to participate in the annual Pencak Silat tournament every year starting 2010. The course will also hope to produce coaches that hold firm to the philosophy of MIB," he added.

Awang Hj Kassim bin Mohammad Yassin, Acting Director of Co-curriculum Education, Ministry of Education as the guest-of-honour presented the certificates to the participants. The guest-of-honour in his address said: "Co-curriculum education is part of an important educational programme to equip co-curriculum education that are of academic characteristic. The educational aspect will see an increase of importance in the SPN 21 education system whereby we hope to prepare education that is of holistic to all students."

"Therefore in the training of Pencak Silat within co-curriculum education programme, must not only be seen in the view of competition but also be open to students who are interested," he said.

"The art of Pencak Silat should be clearly defined and the value of attaining Pencak Silat through the co-curriculum activity is of traditional cultural heritage of our nation," Awang Hj Kassim also highlighted.

The recipients of the certificates then showcased their Silat skills in front of the guestof-honour. The course was organised by Co-curriculum Education Department with the support of Brunei Darussalam Pencak Silat Association.

Written by JAMES KON
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