05 June 2011

Pendita Eddie M Nalapraya Launches Biography

As the former Vice Jakarta Governor between 1984-1987, Pendita Eddie M Nalapraya is unforgettable as he is also a Betawian figure who preserved the Betawi martial art, Pencak Silat. Now, Pendita Eddie’s autobiography can be enjoyed by people after he launched a book entitled Jendral Tanpa Angkatan-Memoar at DKI Jakarta’s city hall, Sunday.

The launch of the book contains traces of Pendita Eddie`s journey, starting from his Betawi childhood to adulthood until his appointment as the Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta. In the book, he also related his successful involvement and contribution to the SEA Games 1987 in Jakarta.

His interest in Pencak silat was shown as he promoted this pure traditional Indonesian art to international events, such as Asean Beach Games in Bali, the Asean Martial Arts in Thailand, and Asean Games in Vietnam.

He stated that the book is dedicated to all Indonesian people to feed their fighting spirit, motivation, and inspiration. Despite being in his 80’s, he cannot stay relaxed. On the contrary, he keeps actively creating valuable things. Now, his major business is oyster mushroom farmering in the Puncak area of West Java. His business also provides financial opportunities to the people in that area.

The 268 page book is written by 3 famous writers, such as Ramadhan KH, Iskadir Chotob, and Fers Yuarsa. Next, Eddie also will release a book entitled Pencak Silat Tak Lapuk Ditelan Zaman-Sebuah Catatan Pengabdian.

Jakarta Governor, Fauzi Bowo who also came in the launching of the book said that the figure of Eddie was a really good example and inspired many people.

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