24 October 2011

Senior citizen pwns a robber with silat

JERTIH: A senior citizen had to use his silat skills for 20 minutes before successfully chasing off bandits armed with machetes who broke into his house in the incident in Kampung Gong Nangka, Apal,here, yesterday.

In the incident at 11 pm, Abdul Ghani Jusoh, 65, was asleep with his 68-year-old wife when he was awakened by the sound of falling objects in the kitchen. He left his bedroom to investigate.

According to him, he at first thought the sound was caused by his pet cats chasing mice when he surprised a man armed with a knife in his kitchen.

"The man was holding a knife and tried to grab me and but we struggled for 20 minutes which resulted in several injuries to my chest and right shoulder.

"Although I am old but I'm still able to use my experience in silat, a martial art I was very active in during my teenage years," he said when met at police headquarters Loka (IPD) Loka in Kampung Raja, here, yesterday.

According to him, the man ran away while he was himself rushed to Hospital Besut by Loka residents before referred to Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM), Kubang Kerian. He was released home around 10 am yesterday.

Abdul Ghani, who was wounded in the chest and shoulders as a result of the struggle received 10 stitches.

"My wife is paralysed and we never thought thieves would break into our house because we do not have valuables," he said.

Meanwhile, the Loka police chief, Superintendent Kamaruddin Zakaria said police acted swiftly after being informed of the incident. They managed to detain the suspect with the help of residents and the Kampung Bukit Kenak Security Unit here at 8 am today.

"He was found in the bushes in Kampung Bukit Kenak, about two miles from the scene, along with two parang believed taken from the house broke into the victim in the house," he said.

Translated from http://www.hmetro.com.my/myMetro/articles/Bersilat20minithalaupenyamun/Article