16 June 2013

Silat man survives two deep slash wounds in his neck

SIPITANG: Laud Adau is probably a living testimony that miracle does happen. Probably it was also his quick thinking that saved him from bleeding to death when he covered the slash wounds on his chin and neck with a shirt, and survived for about 12 hours before receiving treatment.

The 68-year old silat (traditional martial arts) teacher, who taps rubber for a living, was attacked at his house in Kampung Susuk Sapok at around 11pm on Wednesday and robbed of over RM1,000 cash. Laud is single and lives alone.

A neighbour, who came to clean up the grass near the victim’s house, found him lying at the verandah in a pool of blood, and rushed him to the hospital for medical attention.

His attacker, a local man in his 20s, was however arrested by police in less than 24 hours following investigation and public tip-off in the same village.

“We picked up the suspect near the area at around 5pm on Thursday,” said district police chief DSP Mustapha Othman. The suspect, who did odd jobs, is currently detained to facilitate investigation.

“We have yet to recover the weapon used in the attack and the cash. The suspect is investigated under Section 397 of the Penal Code for armed robbery,” he said. Mustapha said they received a report at around 10am from the district hospital when the victim came to seek treatment. Laud was later referred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the state capital for further treatment.

The victim was hacked twice with a scythe-like weapon. He appeared to be in stable condition when met at his hospital bed. There beside him was his younger sibling.

“My brother is a nice man and I do not know of anyone who has any ill feelings towards him,” said Setia Adau, who was sitting next to Laud’s hospital bed. The 57-year-old said she nearly lost her mind after learning of her brother’s condition, but kept calm by saying her prayers, hoping for the best.

“Only God knows our feelings after learning of the incident, especially knowing that he was attacked while sleeping on Wednesday night. I am just glad that he is stable despite the severe injuries.

“I was told that he could only make some noise when the neighbour called out his name. I am grateful to the Good Samaritan for helping and sending him to the hospital to seek treatment. Only God can repay his deeds,” said Setia.

Sourced from: http://www.theborneopost.com/2013/06/16/silat-man-survives-two-deep-slash-wounds-in-his-neck/#ixzz2WdP2VcpQ

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