18 September 2001

Darus, Azrin wins more than just gold

FOUR gold medals in the bag, one by default, and the Malaysian silat olaraga squad can celebrate.

And the celebration was made more meaningful yesterday by the very fact that the two Malaysian victors - Ismail Darus and Mohd. Azrin Abdul Malek - yesterday had downed the reigning world champions from Indonesia to win their respective gold medals.

Ismail took care of Abdul Karim Al Djufrie in the men's Class A while Mohammad Azrin Malek demolised Nyoman Yamadhi Putra in the men's Class I.

Then it was Mastura Sapuan's turn to step on the rostrum with an efficient performance to beat her Vietnamese opponent Lam Thi Houng in the women's Class E contest.

It was gold No 3 for Malaysia at the Pasir Gudang Indoor stadium yesterday and No 4 came even easier. Without having to raise a sweat, literally.

Ahmad Faizal Omar was to have fought Indonesia's Samuel Mallo for the gold in the men's Class J but his opponent did not even show up.

Some say it was a sign of protest over an earlier decision to turn down the Indonesian's appeal over the result of the Vietnam's Trinh Thi Mui versus Nikomang Ayu Ariati fight in the women's Class C which gave the gold to the Vietnamese.

But others say Samuel was injured having suffered a broken bone in his right arm in his semi-final bout on Friday.

Whatever the reasons, the night belonged to the Malaysian silat exponents and it certainly belonged to Abdul Karim and Mohammad Azrin.

Both of them showed true grit to overcome their opponents for the gold medals to add to Malaysia's overall tally.

As Mohammad Azrin said: "I didn't care if my opponent is the reigning world champion. I just went out to fight and in my mind I knew I stand a chance of winning."

And fought they did.

Particularly the Pontian-born Mastura who was so strong and convincing in dominating the fight over her Vietnamese opponent in her maiden Sea Games.

"This is a victory and a gold medal I dedicate to all Malaysians," she said.

Sourced from http://www.accessmylibrary.com/article-1G1-78423908/darus-azrin-wins-more.html

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