01 August 2002

Controversy mars national meet

SILAT Lincah emerged overall champions in the National Silat Championships which was marred by controversy over allegations of biased judging and the near-resignation of National Silat Association (Pesaka) secretary Megat Zulkarnain Omar Din at the KLBA Stadium in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

It was, however, an exciting championships in which 35-year-old Sea Games gold medallist Ahmad Faisal Omar retained his Class I crown for the 11th year running.

At the end of the individual events, Silat Lincah Association, Gayung Fatani and Pahang were tied for the title but Silat Lincah beat Kedah 3-1 in the final to bag the overall title.

A commotion broke out in the arena yesterday involving the Silat Lincah team who staged a walkout following a disagreement and accusations of biasness.

The problem started on Tuesday when Silat Lincah's Sea Games gold medallist Ismail Darus lost to Gayung Fatani's Nik Adli Abdullah. Silat Lincah protested that the judging was biased as a member of the Gayung Fatani team was among the panel of judges.

The problem carried on to yesterday morning leading Megat to announce his intention to step down from his Pesaka post but in the end, decided against it.

Megat, after consulting Pesaka president Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib, decided to hold on to his post, stating preparations for the Asia Pacific Championships and the World Championships as his priorities.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi was on hand to give away the prizes yesterday.

Results: Silat Seni - Finals: Men (singles): 1 Mohd Hanif Ahmad (Pahang) 200, 2 Khairul Ariffin Zaidi (Sarawak) 199, 3 Abd Majid Mohd Yusof (Johor) 194.

Women (duet): 1 Noor Syahidda Wati Abdullah Sani-Shalina Abdul Ghafar (Lincah Malaysia) 214, 2 Farizah Hanum Rashid-Nazatul Shima Abu Bakar (Johor) 208, 3 Maszura Mohd Yaacob-Norniza Abu Bakar (Gayuh Fatani Malaysia) 199.

Silat Olahraga - Finals - Men Class A: Abang Erdie Fauzerul Abg Fauzan (Sar) bt Mohd Fazli Razali (G Fatani) 5-0; Class B: Borhan Budong (NS) bt Nik Adli Abdullah (G Fatani) 4-1; Class C: Mohd Emy Fazli (G Fatani) bt Shahirifullah (Pk) 3-2; Class D: Ahmad Shahril Zailudin (Pah) bt Mohd Shahibullah Ambi (Sar) 5-0; Class E: Syed Tahir Syed Hussin (Pah) bt Ramdzan Sharif (Sel) 3-2; Class F: Nordin Atan (Joh) bt Alwi Jidin (Kel) 3-2; Class G: Azhar Ahmad (Lincah) bt Azman Mat Zain (KL) 5-0; Class H: Mohd Azrin Malek (Pah) bt Abdullah Amir Abd Rahman (Lab) 5-0; Class I: Ahmad Faisal Omar (Mel) bt Ahmad Tarmizi (Sar) 5-0.

Women Class A: Juridah Hussin (G Fatani) bt Rina Juliana Adnan (Lincah) 4-1; Class B: Rina Jordana Adnan (Lincah) bt Norazilah Mohd Azidin (Gayung M'sia) 5-0; Class C: Noraniza Abu Bakar (G Fatani) bt Zamzuraini Ahmad Zamran (Pk) 5-0; Class D: Siti Sukmah Buang (Mal) bt Nor idawati Hamdi (Sar) 5-0; Class E: Sarah Ishak (Pk) bt Bibi Aishah Golbal Shah (Mal) 4-1; Class F: Azlinda Ahmad (Lincah) bt Azlina Aziz (Pah) 5-0.

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