12 June 2005

Seni Silat Lincah plans to form Silat Faculty at USM

KUALA LUMPUR, June 12 (Bernama) -- The Seni Silat Lincah Organisation Malaysia (PSSLM) plans to set up a silat faculty at Universiti Science Malaysia (USM) as a move to uphold the identity of the martial art.

Its founder Datuk Omardin Mauju said he had sent a proposal to the university and was waiting for a reply.

"We held priliminary discussions with the university and they suggested that we write and make a formal proposal. This we already did and we are now waiting for the reply," he told reporters here, today.

He had earlier attended the opening of the 27th annual general meeting of the organisation by Information Minister Datuk Seri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir.

Omardin said among the aims of the faculty was to gather the experts from all the barnches of silat who could teach the art to others.

"He said currently silat is being practised in 50 countries and the faculty could also draw these people to study the art here.

Meanwhile, Abdul Kadir said his ministry would assist the organisation to expand through the electronic media.

RTM had aired the programme "Mahaguru", a silat programme but it had ended.

"I will also seek to enable the various silat groups to participate in the Merdeka celebrations," he said.

Abdul Kadir also launched the organisation's website at www.silatlincah.com.my.

Sourced from http://www.accessmylibrary.com/article-1G1-136764114/seni-silat-lincah-plans.html

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