10 September 2007

New link between Sendeng and Spring

After we reported the controversial possible link between Silat Spring in Sarawak and Silat LianPadukan in Johor, a possible link has been hinted between Silat Spring and Sendeng, also of Johor.

I received today news from our fellow Silat Melayu researcher, AB Rahim that after several months of studying Silat Spring, he has found remarkable similarities with Silat Sendeng. He reported that:

"The method and techniques in (silat) Spring is exactly like Sendeng. The only thing missing is the Kuntau aspect. The 7 Hari Belebat taught by cikgu Jamal(udin Shahadan), all of them are in the Spring techniques... There are only 11 techniques altogether..."

The missing aspect referred to, Kuntau, makes sense from an evolution point of view since original Sendeng always fought of the lead and never square. It was only introduced by the late Mahaguru Abdul Hamid Hamzah, founder of Silat Sendeng Muar (now known as Sendeng Malaysia) as a complementary element in the training.

This fits in well with what Dr Jean-Marc DeGraves of France has uncovered in his travels throughout Kalimantan and Sulawesi. In his research, he claims that the Bugis did not create Sendeng, but adapted it from a style found in Kalimantan. The original style too fought only off the lead.

Interesting? We WILL keep you updated as more comes in...

Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab


Merang said...

can you please tell me the top 5, most deatly silat ars..and please tell me why.

Merang said...

i also want to know more about silat spring, is it good ? and how long we have to learn silat spring until we can be a coach ?. can you please tell us more about history and fighting arts of silat spring..

sostiram said...

What about the link between these silat and Wing Chun? I think the techniques look similar enough and silat like gayang 5 or lian padukan were originally taught by a master of chinese origin. There is also another form of lian called lian kwantung which I heard is famous in the Tanjung Lumpor area near Kuantan.I had a chance to study spring 12 from a sarawakian master once and I think it is indeed a useful and deadly.

PSMA Spring12 said...

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PSMA Spring12

Mohd Nadzrin Wahab said...

Salam hormat PSMA Spring12,

Terima kasih atas maklumat tuan. Mohon berhubung dengan saya menerusi nadzrin@silatmelayu.com supaya saya dapat menerima maklumat sejarah daripada tuan untuk membuka balik kajian ini.

Salam persilatan,