09 September 2007

Silat LianPadukan and Silat Spring link?

Recently, Galohajang, a regular visitor to this blog sent me this comment:

"I have encountered 1 Silat Spring 12@Pukulan 12 when I was young and what was demonstrated to me was similar to those buah of Lian Padukan and Gayang Lima which I viewed in youtube. There's an article of this silat in Pendekar or Seni Beladiri I couldnt recall which but being a writer in SB back then, have you stumble upon/got the chance to interview the practitioners of this system? If yes, do the share the same principles? I'd like very much to know whether LP, G5 and S12 share the same history. Thank you"

Well Galohajang, as far as the Buah Pukul people are concerned, both LianPadukan and Gayang Lima come from the same root, which is Awang Daik, the Mersing magistrate who first studied the art in 1897 from a Chinese Muslim businessman from Yunan named Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Yunani.

However, there is nothing to prove a connection between Spring 12 and Buah Pukul, except that there is apparently a common master in both lineages.A friend of mine who has studied LianPadukan is currently posted in Sarawak and is intending to learn Spring 12 soon.

In his talks with a Spring 12 instructor, he found that the claimed founder of Spring 12, a Chinese Muslim missionary, Abdul Rahman Abdullah was a close copy of LianPadukan's Sheikh Abdul Rahman.

According to LianPadukan history, Sheikh Abdul Rahman 'disappeared' after he trained the warriors at the Johor palace. If we are to draw a conclusion now, it could be that he moved on to Sarawak. However, until we have further proof, this is all we have to go on.

My Sarawakian-posted LianPadukan friend also noted that what exists in Spring 12 now greatly mirrors the original Buah Pukul whereby the rolling fists 'gulung' are released in a continuous barrage whereby the 'gulung' in LianPadukan is most often truncated to three 'gulung'. Add this to the fact that in LianPadukan, there is a form called 'Lian Gulung' and you have all the elements of a good mystery.

Maybe all we need to do is for the LianPadukan folk organise and official friendly visit to Spring 12 in Sarawak to compare notes, and maybe, even a few 'gulung' :)

Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab


PSMA Spring12 said...

excuse me sir, just want to male clear that Pukulan 12 is not commonly known as Spring12 in Sarawak.

Spring12 is used only by Pencak Silat Melayu Asli (PSMA) Spring12. Founded By Almarhum Bojeng Bin Sham. the no 12 means the "urat" point. This Silat have been practiced seen 1920's.

Thank you.


Mohd Nadzrin Wahab said...

Salam hormat PSMA Spring 12,

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we have not continued this research beyond this point due to a lack of interest and effort from either the Buah Pukul Mersing side nor the Spring 12 representatives.

Salam persilatan,