20 March 2008

Control Part 2

The following article was written by Ustaz Saiful Muhammad in response to my article "Control".

Silat is supposed to be an art of control. Controlling oneself will be the fundamental in Silat. Today Silat practitioners lack this knowledge and skill of control. Today Silat practitioners, whether among beginners, experts or masters, seem to be ignoring this very important part of Silat. Many easily lose control when confronted with their own fear or anger.

Fear and anger towards others can become completely uncontrollable. Even those amongst masters can easily lose control just by a few words from others or from the opponent. Mastering Silat is supposed to assist the attainment of wisdom within oneself. Wisdom will be the key in mastering the art of control.

One is supposed to gain wisdom when the understanding of Silat is attained. Let us all ask ourselves, where is our understanding in Silat? Would it be enough just learning the knowledge of "skin" which is the physical knowledge? What is the real essence of Silat?

As Melayu, we can learn so much, too much, from our ancestors. Their history proves to us the effectiveness and efficiency of Silat knowledge as knowledge of survival. We don't need any tournament or others to recognize the wonder of Silat. We can also learn how our ancestors mastered the art of control. We are also blessed with the knowledge of Islam. Islam gave us more meaning in our life, even in Silat.

With the guidance of Islam, we gain more understanding and clearer purpose in life. The art of control will be perfected when we embrace Islam in every part of life. Why don't we look deeper in learning, understanding and spreading Silat with the wonder of Islam knowledge?

Among the most important traditions in the Silat community that has existed for more than a thousand years ago will be embracing the diverse Silat styles and philosophies. Let us share the wonder of Silat diversity. Let us stop looking towards others with such negativity. Let us master the art of control. Let us embrace Silat with the wisdom of Islam.

"Berlapang dada, bina wibawa" (Open heart, build dignity)

Written by Ustaz Saiful Muhammad

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