29 August 2008

Selamat tinggal USA

This is a shout out to the Silat Kuntau Tekpi students of Jeff Davidson and Seni Gayong students of Cikgu Shamsudin SM Salim. I apologise from the bottom of my heart for not being able to meet you during my recent stay in St Charles, Illinois.

For those not in the know, I have been in the US of A for the last two weeks on business and planned to meet up with some silat groups, chiefly my long lost brother in Islam and silat, Jeff Davidson and his students. Unfortunately, the timing of my business wouldn't allow me to fit in a visit, much less a class.

I had, prior to leaving Malaysia, gained approval from guru Azlan Ghanie to conduct a Senaman Tua session here, either as a single class or a seminar, but that wasn't meant to be. However, I truly do hope to be able to come back to the USA some day soon. St Charles is a beautiful town and I can see why many would decide to stay. I'm leaving for Malaysia today and have already felt tugs at my heartstrings. I shall certainly miss this country.

And to Mike, quit bragging to your class. You ain't seen nothing yet :)

Salam persilatan and goodbye.

Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab


djambu puadovich said...

oits! salam n how r u?

it has been a while eh?
any goodies for me from d US? *wink2*

Mohd Nadzrin Wahab said...

Salam hormat,

Fine thanks. I'm due to leave this morning on a 20-hour (in all) flight/s. Ick. And no, nothing for you I'm afraid. Hehehehehe...

Salam persilatan,

Anonymous said...

Waiting for mine...... hehehehehehe........

jeff davidson said...


Speaking on behalf of the United States of America, we were very proud to have you in our country.

Mike's head is swelling to monstrous proportions, and I am feelings pangs of jealousy!

Seriously, we are anxiously awaiting your return next year (Insya'llah) - and believe me - we will do it up in GRAND fashion.

Your family here misses you.

With Love,
JD Tekpi

ps. Djambu and Ustaz, don't feel slighted...he didn't bring ME anything either!

Mohd Nadzrin Wahab said...


You're jealous because Mike has a big head? Strange Americans.

There's more news. There's a rumour I might be going over there twice a year for work. Interesting? Could be.

But we'll still plan for a formal visit anyway. Lots of love to my family there.