15 September 2008

Jasa Cikgu Sani

"In our history lessons, we were taught of the Siamese terrorising the Kedah sultanate by forcing them to provide tributes to themin the form of golden flower arrangements (Bunga Emas). The process of transporting these Bunga Emas was never easy, travelling by elephant through the jungle. Eventually, tired elephants necessitated overnighting in the forest.

"Cikgu Sani related to me that his great-grandfather, was the royal Panglima in charge of the excursion to gain audience with the King of Siam. Being responsible for the Bunga Emas meant fighting off advances from countless highwaymen, all of which were dealt with by Panglima Taib."

"For five generations, Silat Kuntau Tekpi has been passed down through Cikgu Sani's family, but one matter has often been overlooked, there has been no acknowledgement given to this lineage.

"When I was in Baling several days ago, I mocked sarcasm: had he ever been given a medal? Not just for anything, but for his efforts educating thousands of students, including government officers and the children of several national dignitaries. At least, a medal from the Kedah government, but he answered with a sad, 'None at all'

"I asked again, how much fees did you receive when you taught P Ramlee the tekpi in the film 6 Jahanam, to which he answered: 'I asked for nothing'.

By Adam Salleh
Translated and edited from Harian Metro

The article in Bahasa Melayu above can be read in full by clicking on the graphic. I decided to translate only the crux of the message. May someone in authority understand what we're driving at-Mohd Nadzrin Wahab


amirulhusnitekpi said...


Thank you for sharing these articles.

I miss Pak Guru Sani so much. Hope to see him and his wonderful family end of this year inshaAllah.

He is truly a humble master.

jeff davidson said...

More Tekpi articles!

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