28 January 2009

Silat in "Ransan"

Budding cinematographer Raja Mukhriz Raja Ahmad Kamaruddin or better known as Raja Mukhriz is following the footsteps of his mentor, award-winning cinematographer-director Bade Hj Azmi, to take the director's chair. Mukhriz, recently bestowed Best Cinematographer at the 21st Malaysian Film Festival (FFM 21) for his outstanding work in Syamsul Yusof's "Evolusi KL Drift", is ready for his upcoming mega project "Ransan", due for filming this 10 November 2008.

To our surprise, Mukhriz dispelled all rumours about the selection of ace star Farid Kamil as the lead when he revealed that a contractual agreement cannot be reached between both parties. The chosen replacement is the hunky Jehan Miskin, deemed fit to play Jingga, one of the eight main characters in "Ransan", a concept resembling the "Lord Of The Ring" franchise.

Speaking via telephone to Cinema Online, the first time director explained: "I decided to make a movie started when my close friends and Bade Hj Azmi, (who is also the executive producer) kept on motivating me. Of course, my passion is cinematography but I don't see any harm in trying out something new, especially if the chance is right before me".

"Ransan" which centres on the traditional Malay martial art of silat, also contains Japanese manga influences.

Mukhriz elaborated: "It's not a typical martial arts flick. It's presented in a different approach, whereby the silat in this movie doesn't involve the usage of keris as we emphasise more on bodily movement. I drew references from Wilson Yip's "Dragon Tiger Gate", Wachowski brothers' "Matrix" and "Fight Club". It'll involve brutal fights and a lot of blood. To me, "Ransan" can be described as the local reflection of such movies".

As to why he is going for such an ambitious and aggressive approach for his first movie, the future husband of actress Sharifah Shahora admitted that he's a big fan of those flicks and has been thinking of making something similar for a long time.

"Despite the possible censorship, I don't want to limit my creativity. We don't know until we try. I will deliver my work accordingly and let the authorities decide," explained Mukhriz.

"Ransan" is poised to be an action-packed adventure about a warrior city called Ransan. Headed by a fearsome leader named Indera Ilani (Nasir Bilal Khan), it was invaded by a group of villains led by Kalam Jagat (Ramli Hassan), leaving Indera dead. Eight years later, Indera's son, Bayu (Aaron Aziz) returns for revenge.

"Ransan" is also likely to see the line up of local big names such as Sharifah Amani, singer Atilia and Shoffi Jikan. The silat rehearsal for the cast is in progress at the Green Hornet studio in Bandar Tasik Permaisuri, Cheras under the guidance of former silat exponent, Komeng.

Shooting will involve the locale of Gunung Helang, Perak. "Ransan" is to be produced by Merah Maya Motion Pictures with a budget of RM 1.6 million.

Written by Wahiduzzaman
Sourced from http://www.cinema.com.my/news/news.aspx?search=2008.ransan_2911

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