08 January 2009

Stop The Violence

Al Fatihah

Silat Melayu: The Blog is pausing from its normal topic to reach out to fellow Malaysians and pesilat to donate generously to MERCY Malaysia, our medical aid representative currently serving in Palestine.

We are deeply saddened and angered at the wanton destruction of life that the authorities in Israel are perpetrating on our brothers and sisters in Palestine. We condemn such acts of violence towards non-combatants who have nothing to defend themselves with.

Our condolences to those parents who have lost their children, those children who have lost their parents and those who have suffered alone all this while.

We pray that this horror stops or we risk losing our humanity in total.

Please visit MERCY's website here and do your part

Download MERCY's donation form

Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab

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