02 July 2009

Pencak Silat artistes put to the test

Silat and the Melayu world are synonymous. From centuries 'Silat' has existed acting as a symbol of Melayu cultural heritage.

It is similar to Perguruan Seni Pencak Silat Gerak 41 that has already been established for more than 20 years now and it's still standing strong while preserving the culture and the four Melayu indigenous martial arts in Brunei.

Officially established on May 30, 1988, with the initiative of few teachers that made Perguruan Seni Pencak Slat Gerak 41 become a PERSIB (Persekutuan Pencak Slat Kebangsaan Brunei Darussalam) member.

In the beginning it was started by two teachers followed by 10 teachers and the number has increased to thousands of martial artistes (Pesilat) from 10 different branches of PSPSG 41 throughout the country. Today, G41 has more than 40 trainers, 7 pre-instructors, 3 instructors, 1 mentor and 2 prime mentor.

Recently, Perguruan Seni Pencak Silat Gerak 41 (G41) held a Kem Pendekar and Ujian Kenaikan Arat (UKA) as an annual event at Gelanggang Berjasa, Kampong Setia B the birth place of G41. More than 50 martial artistes from G41 were present.

The Guest of Honour was Cikgu Haji Ibrahim bin Haji Muhammad Yusof PSPSG 41 Mentor. Also present was the Honorary Committee & Executive Committee of G41, leaders from each G41 branch and martial artistes of PSPSG 41 from various branches which is Kelab Slat Varsiti G41 UBD branch, Cahaya Kilat PTE Katok Branch, Seri Kencana Awang Semaun Secondary School branch, Gelanggang Banting G41 Kg. Piasau-piasau Temburong, Gelanggang Indera Perkasa Jerudong, Gelanggang Tawakal Kg. Mata-Mata and Gelanggang Seri Kemanca and Kg. Penanjong Tutong. Thirty martial artistes participated in the test.

It was conducted to assess and test the achievements, skills and techniques integration and applications based on PSPSG 41 martial art curriculum and scheme. The assessment was done by the PSPSG 41 Dewan Jurulatih and Dewan Guru.

Three tests was done, first test was the close range combat technique (Tempur Tangan Kosong). This test is conducted to asses the skill, techniques, strength and agility in each pesilat before they can move on to the primary level and secondary level.

The second test was the primary level where each 'pesilat' creativity, skills and techniques using blunt weapons like the Tambong, the Tambong Dua and Selendang are tested.

In this assessment each 'pesilat' using their own creation are required to defend him/herself as well as to attack and defeat the opponent.

The last assessment was in the secondary level (Sharp Weapon Technique).

This is a level to determine if the 'pesilat' is qualified to hold the red belt then move on to the Pre-Instructor level of a green belt.

The third assessment is more challenging where the 'pesilat' is needed to show their skills, techniques, creativity, agility, strength and speed in using sharp weapons like The 'Keris', a knife, a 'kerambit' and a sword in combat to defend and attack an opponet. The 'pesilat' level of instinct, the use of our five senses and reflex actions are also tested.

All martial artistes who took part in UKA are assessed by G41 Pre-Instructor, Instructor and Mentor. UKA was held not only to assess each 'pesilat' but it also enhanced the rapport and relationship among 'pesilat' from different G41 branches. At the same time the activity also functioned as a creative learning process and positive moral values to youth inside G41.

Hopefully, through this activity, G41 can actively contribute and help develop our country to teach youth some dicipline, self-confidence, positive attitudes based on MIB through the martial arts priciples and dicipline.

Sourced from http://www.brunei-online.com/bb/wed/jul1h44.htm

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Salam Nadzrin

This is a great article.

(Wow..talk about Silat 'Procedures' and 'Modules')

The part I really like is the test of the 5 senses and reflex action.

Of course you don't need 3 guesses to know why. :-)


Pok Nik