14 August 2009

Pre-Asian Indoor Pencak Silat tourney opens in Hai Duong City

The Pre-Asian Indoor Games Pencak Silat tournament opens today at Hai Duong City’s Gymnasium with the participation of more than 10 countries and territories in Asia.

Male and female competitors will take part in Seni (performance) and Tanding (combat) events.

The tournament is also an occasion for Hai Duong City’s sports officials to make preparations to organise the pencak silat event at the Asian Indoor Games 3, which the city will host in November.

In the first Asian Martial Arts Games in Bangkok, Vietnamese martial arts contestants won four gold medals, contributing to Viet Nam’s overall fourth place.

Viet Nam pencak silat is looking to win first place in the AIG 3.

Sourced from http://vietnamnews.vnagency.com.vn/showarticle.php?num=01NAT140809

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