16 December 2010

Indonesian fan attack Vietnamese sports official

An Indonesian fan suddenly drop-kicked the chief of the Vietnamese Pencak Silat delegation at a game between a Vietnamese and Indonesian pencak Silat player on December 16.

Nguyen Ngoc Anh, chief of the Vietnamese delegation to the World Pencak Silat Championship in Jakarta, didn’t agree with the referee’s decision to record a point for the host player because he broke the rules. Ngoc Anh stood near the playground and he ran to the referee to protest the referee’s decision.

Suddenly, an Indonesian fan appeared and a drop-kicked the Vietnamese official. When the fan felt down. A Vietnamese Pencak Silat coach rushed into to defend Ngoc Anh.

Some members of the Indonesian delegation and some audience members joined the battle, creating a scene of chaos at the game. Referees and security guards intervened to stabilize the situation.

After the incident, Ngoc Anh said that that the organizing board and the Indonesian Pencak Silat Federation offered an apology to the Vietnamese delegation.

The tournament closed on December 19 and Vietnam took the first place. The team defended its championship title with eight gold medals, especially one gold gained from the seni event, which is the strength of host Indonesia .

The WPSC, opened on Dec. 12, drew the participation of 425 athletes from 32 countries worldwide.

Sourced from http://english.vietnamnet.vn/en/sports/2950/indonesian-fans-attack-vietnamese-sports-official.html

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