12 November 2011

When silence is golden for silat team

JAKARTA: There are a few things about the silat competition that bothers team manager Ismail Syed Mohamad.

But he will not lodge a formal complaint for fear that the national exponents will receive unfair treatment.

Ismail said he could lodge an official complaint but experience has taught him that it would only do more harm than good to the silat team.

“One of my major grouses is that the organisers are bringing in three judges from countries not competing in the Games,” said Ismail.

“There will be a judge from Japan, Germany and Holland each and this is against the rule.”

The silat competition will start today with the combat events, but Ismail said he had yet to receive the full schedule yesterday.

“We should have the schedule by now, but there is nothing so far. We will all go to the venue tomorrow (today) morning to avoid anyone missing his or her events,” said Ismail.

At the 2007 Korat Games, the Malaysian silat contingent made a formal complaint, which Ismail refused to disclose in detail, with the organisers.

The result, according to Ismail, was that the national team were given unfair treatment.

The silat exponents returned home with no gold medals from the Korat Games.

They only had a silver and six bronze medals to show.

Sourced from http://thestar.com.my/sports/story.asp?file=/2011/11/12/seagames/9890553&sec=

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