09 June 1999

Brunei silat team ready for battle

The Brunei Pencak Silat team is now undergoing intensive training under the guidance of two Indonesian coaches, Sutjipto and Mohd Nasri. The two coaches have been training the team for the past three months and according to them, the team has made excellent progress.

For the past three months, Sutjipto has been training 12 members of the team under the Arts category. The category consists of three events - the men and women solo or Wiraganna, the men and women duel or Wirasangga and the men and women kata or Wiralokka Jurus Wajib.

Mohd Nasri has been training another 20 members of the team under the Athletics category. This consists of 15 events. According to the two coaches the team is now ever ready to take on the best from the Asean region.

Recently, the team participated in a friendly match against Pengda Ipsi Jawa Timur, one of Indonesia's finest teams, in Surabaya. The friendly match was one of the try-outs for the team in their preparation for the upcoming SEA Games in August.

According to the coaches, the Brunei team made quite an impact in Surabaya. Although the team did not fare quite well in the Athletics category, the team managed to upset the opposition in the Arts category.

The Brunei team gained first place in the men's Wiraganna (solo) category and in the women's Wirasangga (duel) category. The women's Wiralokka Jurus Wajib (kata) category also gave the opposition a run for their money.

According to Sutjipto, the women's Wiralokka was recently introduced to the Brunei team and they have yet to learn. "The women's team is progressing rapidly and are more than eager to learn the event."

Sourced from http://www.accessmylibrary.com/article-1G1-54850253/sports-brunei-silat-team.html