18 November 2011

Indonesia Pencak Silat Contingent Came Out as Overall Winners

Indonesia pencak silat contingent finally reached the target to become SEA Games XXVI overall winners. They successfully collected 9 gold medals, 5 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals.

The runner up is Vietnam with 6 gold, 7 silver, and 5 bronze medals. Whereas Malaysia is on third position with 3 gold, 1 silver, and 7 bronze medals.

The certainty of Indonesia becomes the overall winners for this sport was confirmed after three Indonesian fighters defeated their opponents in the final match at Padepokan Silat Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), Thursday (11/17). The last three gold medals were presented by Rosmayani (class C female), Amelia Roring (class E female), and Dian Kristianto (class A male).

All three Indonesian fighter defeated their opponents with same score 5-0 each. Rosmayani represented gold medal after defeated Thailand fighter Jutarat Noytapa, while Amelia won against Malaysia fighter Siti Rahmah Mohamed Nazir and Dian Kristianto defeated Anothai Choopeng from Thailand.

Edhy Wibowo as Indonesia Pencak Silat Team Manager admitted proud with this achievement. He said that training and hard work done by Indonesian athletes are finally resulted. “We are able to reach two targets, namely be the overall winners and collected nine gold medals, although initially we only targeted five gold medals,” he stated, Thursday (11/17).

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Unshakeable silat exponents deliver three golds

JAKARTA: The Malaysian silat exponents overcame their rivals and the boisterous home fans, to capture three gold medals at the Indonesia Indah Mini Park yesterday.

The gold medals came from the combat events – through Ahmad Shahril Zailudin (men’s Class D 60-65kg), Mohd Al Jufferi Jamari (men’s Class E 65-70kg) and Mohd Fauzi Khalid (men’s Class F 70-75kg).

Shahril delivered the first gold by defeating Indonesia’s Sapto Purnomo 5-0 in the final before Jufferi made sure the team met their two-gold target when he defeated Vietnam’s Nguyen Duy Chien 4-1.

Fauzi then made sure the silat team would surpass the target by adding another gold medal after trouncing Katahat Raksapon of Thailand 5-0.

Malaysia had another finalist on the last day of the silat competition but Siti Rahmah Mohd Nasir could only bag a silver after losing 5-0 to Indonesian’s Amelia Roring in the women’s Class E bout.

Team manager Ismail Syed Mohamed described their efforts as courageous because they also had to put up with the hostile home crowd.

“There was never an easy fight today, especially against the Indonesian exponents,” he said.

“But our athletes stayed calm under pressure and that was the key to their success.”

Ismail also urged his team to be aware of the great strides made by exponents from Vietnam and even the Philippines.

“They are catching up fast,” he said.

“We could have won more gold medals if our top exponents – Emy Latip and Mohd Hafiz Mahari _ had qualified for the finals.

“Overall, it was a good performance.”

Emy lost to Vietnam’s Ngyen Thi Gang in the quarter-final of the women’s Class C (55-60kg) while Hafiz, the gold medallist in Laos two years ago, went down to Thailand’s Anothai Choopeng in the men’s Class A (45-50kg) semi-final bout.

Sourced from http://thestar.com.my/sports/story.asp?file=/2011/11/18/seagames/9931432&sec=seagames 

17 November 2011

SEA Games: Al Jufferi step away from surprise gold

Al Jufferi Jamari is within striking distance of winning a silat gold medal in his maiden appearance at the Sea Games in Padepokan today.

The 19-year-old exponent from Kuantan is one of four Malaysians contesting the sparring finals today as the sport looks to deliver its targeted two gold medals.

Al Jufferi was not expected to even be in the final and should he win today, it will be a pleasant surprise.

"It's my first time here at the Sea Games and now that I'm in the final, I'm not going to let this golden opportunity slip away.

"It would be the sweetest achievement of my career in silat if I were to win tomorrow (today)," said Al Jufferi, who meets Nguyen Duy Chien of Vietnam in the men's Class E final.

Earlier, he edged Indonesia's I Komong Wahyu 3-2 in the quarter-finals before beating Wattara Thammachut of Thailand 5-0 in the semi-finals.

The other Malaysian exponents attempting for gold are Ahmad Shahril Zailudin (men's Class D), Fauzi Khalid (men's Class F) and Siti Rahmah Nasir, the only Malaysian woman exponent to make a final in Class E.

Malaysia already have six bronze medals in the bag following the semi-finals on Monday.

Sourced from http://www.nst.com.my/sports/other/sea-games-al-jufferi-step-away-from-surprise-gold-1.7151

Ahmad Sharil Lands First Gold In Silat

JAKARTA, Nov 17 (Bernama) - Ahmad Sharil Zailudin landed Malaysia's first gold in silat in the final day of the silat competition at the 26th SEA Games in Indonesia Thursday.

Competing in the mens D 55-60kg category at Taman Mini Indonesia, Padepokan, East Jakarta, about 50 km from the city centre, Ahmad Shahril, 30, ignored the hostile reception from the home crowd to sent the hosts; Sapto Purnomo packing 5-0.

"It is a good feeling, to be able to win before such hostile fans. I really wanted the 'Negaraku' (national anthem) to be played in this hall," he told Bernama.

It was the former three-time world champion's second gold in the SEA Games. He won the first at the Manila Games in 2005.

The silat contingent also captured three bronze through Mohd Hafiz Mahri in the A 45-50kg category, Noor Farahana Ismail (B 50-55kg) and Mastura Sapuan (D 60-65kg).

Sourced from http://www.bernama.com/bernama/v5/newssport.php?id=627689

15 November 2011

Silat hang on to three-gold target, after duo reach last four

JAKARTA - Singapore's pencak silat team captain Shakir Juanda and Saifullah Julaimi gave the squad's sagging spirits a lift after winning their respective quarter-final bouts in the 'I' and 'E' classes yesterday.

The team had a shaky start to the competition with losses in the previous two days, but with the pair advancing and the artistic competition scheduled to start today, the team have not lost hope of meeting their three-gold target.

Things had looked gloomy in the team's quarter-final clashes in the morning, with veteran Saiedah Said ('C' Class) falling to Thailand's Jutarat Noytapa and Nur Zulaikha Zakaria ('D' Class) losing out to Mariati of Indonesia.

But with at least two medals now assured - the losing semi-finalists will share the bronze - team manager Sheik Alau'ddin feels it will spur the team on to do well.

"We hope that Saiedah's loss gives the newcomers a stronger desire to win for Singapore," he told Today.

"Our hopes are now pinned on Saifullah and Shakir."

For Saiedah, it was not how she had expected to mark her fifth and final SEA Games campaign.

Said the 26-year-old: "My target was to qualify for the final for my last shot at SEA Games gold, and this was not the best way for me to end my career."

"Morale was a bit low after the first two days of losses, but our spirit remains strong," added Saiedah, who has two Games bronze medals to her name.

Assistant team manager Sa'adiah Sanuse was rather happy with the whole team's performance so far and feels the artistic competition could possibly give them a further boost to meet their three-gold target.

"Saifullah and Shakir have lifted hopes, and by the end of (today) we'll know if we will be on track for our target," she said.

As for Saiedah, it is the end of her fighting career, but she wants to continue contributing to silat.

She said: "I have dedicated my life to silat and will continue to do so, now focusing on being a coach with the Singapore Silat Federation."

Sourced from http://www.todayonline.com/Sports/EDC111115-0000081/Silat-hang-on-to-three-gold-target,-after-duo-reach-last-four

SEA Games: S'pore win 2 bronze in Silat

Mohd Saifullah Mohd Julaimi (photo: Singapore Sports Council)

Mohd Shakir Juanda (photo: Singapore Sports Council)
INDONESIA: The Singapore men's Silat team won two bronze medals in Jakarta, earlier Tuesday.

Twenty-four-year-old Mohd Saifullah Mohd Julaimi claimed the bronze in the Silat Men's Tanding E event.

He lost in the semi-finals to Vietnam's Nguyen Duy Chien.

His team mate Mohd Shakir Juanda, who competed in the Men's Tanding I category, also won a bronze medal.

This was after his loss to Dang Minh Le of Vietnam.

The Singapore athletes' win gave the sport its first medals at this SEA Games.

Sourced from http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1165581/1/.html

12 November 2011

When silence is golden for silat team

JAKARTA: There are a few things about the silat competition that bothers team manager Ismail Syed Mohamad.

But he will not lodge a formal complaint for fear that the national exponents will receive unfair treatment.

Ismail said he could lodge an official complaint but experience has taught him that it would only do more harm than good to the silat team.

“One of my major grouses is that the organisers are bringing in three judges from countries not competing in the Games,” said Ismail.

“There will be a judge from Japan, Germany and Holland each and this is against the rule.”

The silat competition will start today with the combat events, but Ismail said he had yet to receive the full schedule yesterday.

“We should have the schedule by now, but there is nothing so far. We will all go to the venue tomorrow (today) morning to avoid anyone missing his or her events,” said Ismail.

At the 2007 Korat Games, the Malaysian silat contingent made a formal complaint, which Ismail refused to disclose in detail, with the organisers.

The result, according to Ismail, was that the national team were given unfair treatment.

The silat exponents returned home with no gold medals from the Korat Games.

They only had a silver and six bronze medals to show.

Sourced from http://thestar.com.my/sports/story.asp?file=/2011/11/12/seagames/9890553&sec=