30 September 2005

Boost for silat in Pulau Pinang

The Penang Silat Council will have its own building for its activities soon. Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Abdul Rashid Abdullah said a building at the Batu Uban sports complex, which was being used as a store, would be refurbished at a cost of RM160,000 for the purpose.

He said the building would have a hostel for 15 occupants, a training arena and a hall after the refurbishment which was due to start soon.

He said the refurbishment was expected to be completed by November to be in time for a silat carnival to be held the following month in conjunction with Pesta Pulau Pinang.

The building will be known as Kompleks Majlis Silat Negeri Pulau Pinang, Abdul Rashid told reporters at the launching of one-day silat (Melayu martial art) festival at Dewan Tunku in Komtar, Penang last weekend.

Also present were state exco member Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan and Penang Silat Council president Datuk Azhar Ibrahim.

Azhar said the council planned to expand next year’s silat festival to include displays of martial arts from other ethnic groups such as wushu, silambam, kung fu, karate and judo.

More than 300 members from 10 Penang silat groups displayed their skills before a packed audience which included tourists at the silat festival.

The types of silat displayed include silat gayung pesaka, silat gayung garuda, silat gayung Malaysia, silat Melayu asli, silat sendeng tujuh, silat lintau and silat cekak.

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23 September 2005

‘Death of a Warrior’ staged in JB

23 Sept 2005 - MALAYSIA, Johor Bahru - The crowd was merely a handful, but the applause was that of a thousand spectators when the cast of Death of a Warrior was introduced at the end of the 90-minute play.

And it was no wonder, because despite the poor turnout, the Cape Poetics cast clearly gave their very best in staging the English translation of the play Matinya Seorang Pahlawan composed by late writer Usman Awang.

The play, which depicted the legendary conflict between Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat, utilised varied use of silat movements with highly lyrical English dialogue of Shakespearean influence.
The play, staged in Johor Baru for the Johor Society for Performing Art’s Second Johor Arts Festival 2005, revolved around Hang Tuah, the great loyal warrior of Malacca who was unjustly condemned to death by his Sultan.

An angry Hang Jebat, who sought vengeance for his best friend, was then shocked when he realised that Hang Tuah was still alive.

However, Hang Tuah had come back with one mission, which was to kill Hang Jebat under the orders of the Sultan. He had come to kill the very friend who had arisen to avenge his “death.”
The multi-racial Malaysian cast was made up of Himanshu Bhatt as Hang Jebat, Noor Izwan Mohamad (Hang Tuah), Lim Yao-Han (Hang Kasturi), Philip Yeoh (narrator), Jamal Ismail (Hang Lekir), Effendi Abdul (Hang Lekiu) and Mior Shafeerul Mior Abdullah and Zulkifli Jalil as the spirits of the Taming Sari.

Also bringing life to the play was Vivian Adelene Adram as the besotted Dang Wangi and Kavitha Kaliappan (lady-in-waiting).

While Universiti Malaya Malay Arts Unit head Prof Datin Rahmah Bujang translated the play, the actors underwent specialised silat training for several months before performing.

Martial arts members of Pertubuhan Seni Silat Pusaka Gayong Malaysia (Sungai Ara branch) were roped in to make the play more spectacular and exciting.

Silat master Dr Zainal Abdul Latiff principally choreographed the production while Rusli Hashim, customary chief and senior instructor of the society, did the additional choreography to make the play even more realistic.

In the programme note, director Jayaram Menon said the play was an attempt to convey the conflict between Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat, which reflected a clash between loyalty and open rebellion and dutiful submission and sincere vengeance.

“This social question is very much a dilemma even in our modern times. We hope our performance does ample justice to this great legend of Malacca and especially to the wonderful literary treasure Usman Awang has left for our people,” he said.

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20 September 2005

Zuber: Only gold will be just reward for my sacrifices

20 Nov 2005, MALAYSIA, Kuala Lumpur - Winning the SEA Games gold medal is of paramount importance to silat exponent Mohamed Zuber Ismail, given the sacrifices he had to make over the last one year.

Zuber decided to take a one-year break from helping his brother with his business to train full-time. And then in May he got married but had to leave his wife behind in Jitra to enable him to train without any distraction at Bukit Jalil.

Zuber said that winning the gold medal will be just reward and will also make a fine gift for his wife, Fauziah Mohamed Fadzil.

“This is the first time we are having full-time training and as such we all had to make some sacrifices. All of us want to do well and we all know we have put our personal obligations second to that of winning a medal for the nation.

“Since we got married I see my wife periodically and she understands my ambition to be a champion. So I want to win the gold medal for her as well,” said Zuber at the training centre in the NSC Gym at Bukit Jalil.

He also said that the team was so serious with their training that when he got married the team moved their training base to Jitra for 15 days so that he did not miss any of the sessions.

“So even as I was preparing for the bersanding ceremony and akad nikah the training sessions went on.”

Zuber is also one of the three world champions in the squad. He won the gold in the 2004 World Championships in category G (75-80kg). He also has a silver medal form the 2002 World Championships. He took part in the 2003 SEA Games in Vietnam but lost in the quarter-finals.

Zuber said that he does not intend to slip up this time in Manila.

“I think I have learnt a good lesson from my outing in Vietnam and also in the various tournaments last year.

“It is important that I do not repeat those mistakes especially like being over confident and underestimating my opponents.

“I plan to take one match at a time but more importantly I have realised that I need to study my opponents well and change my style depending on whom I fight.

“The fulltime training has been a great help and I really believe that the team will do well as the coaches have paid a lot of attention to our trainings.”

Zuber, 24, hopes that the SEA Games will provide a new direction for the sport, which is slowly gaining popularity among youngsters.

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19 September 2005

Exciting display of silat lincah

19 Nov 2005, MALAYSIA, Pulau Pinang - A young Melayu couple was riding on a motorcycle when suddenly they were attacked by several men armed with knives.

The couple defended themselves, fighting off their attackers with bare hands and forceful kicks.

After struggling for several minutes, the couple managed to overcome the attackers.

All the attackers were sprawled on the ground, reeling in pain.

The act was part of an hour-long performance by the Persatuan Seni Silat Lincah Malaysia at Lincah Warriors Night.

About 2,000 people attended the event at Padan Pemuda Merdeka in Butterworth.

Among them were Tuan Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas and Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Abdul Rashid Abdullah.

Association founder Datuk Omardin Mauju said there was fear among silat exponents that silat lincah would soon be a thing of the past.

“The art has been around for 500 years.

“We vow to defend silat lincah till the end of our lives,” he said.

Silat Lincah president Datuk Jahara Hamid said the organisation must not let any sector dismiss, trash or belittle its role in today’s society.

Jahara, who is state Youth and Sports Committee chairman said silat was about fighting spirit.

“Silat builds confidence and inner strength and helps youths face many challenges.

“We hope schools will make an effort to start silat clubs,” she added.

Sourced from http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2005/11/19/north/12604127&sec=north

Award for supporting Melayu martial art

19 Nov 2005, MALAYSIA, Pulau Pinang - Star Publications (M) Berhad received a special award from Pertubuhan Seni Silat Lincah Malaysia for its ardent support of the traditional Melayu martial art.

Journalist David Tan received the award from Yang di-Pertua Negri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas in Penang on behalf of The Star at Lincah Warriors Night.

New Straits Times Press (M) Berhad also received the same award from the organisation.

The two media companies were commended for their excellent coverage of silat lincah events.

Deputy Chief Minister Abdul Rashid Abdullah, state Youth and Sports Committee chairman Datuk Jahara Hamid, and Pertubuhan Seni Silat Lincah leader and founder Datuk Omardin Mauju were also present at the event.

In his speech, Abdul Rashid said the government was very supportive of the sport which is a symbol of Melayu culture, art and history.

He called upon Jahara, who is the organisation president, to motivate women to join the silat world.

Sourced from http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2005/11/19/north/12604274&sec=north

13 September 2005

Silat team rooting for rookies to surprise opponents

13 Nov 2005, MALAYSIA, Kuala Lumpur - The national silat team will be banking on their new faces to spring a surprise and achieve their target of winning four gold medals at the coming SEA Games in Manila.

Thirteen exponents from the team of 20 will be making their SEA Games debut but chief coach Ahmad Wardi Salim said that all the athletes are capable of winning medals.

“This is the best-prepared team we have had in years. And I feel confident that all of them have a chance of winning medals. We are targeting four gold medals – three from silat olahraga (combat) and one from the seni (artistic).

“My confidence stems from the commitment shown by the athletes especially the rookies. This time around we have decided to go for a young team and have phased out those who are in the 30s. I'm sure the team will do well,” said Ahmad.

He said Malaysia are expecting medals from the rookies and they have the element of surprise on their side.

“Our opponents will not know what to expect from the new faces. We must exploit it. But in the end the exponents must work hard to make it work. We need to be aggressive,” he said.

Only seven of the 20 exponents – Amir Ikram Rahim, Ahmad Shahril Zailuddin, Mohamed Zuber Ismail, Mohamed Azrin Abdul Malek, Siti Jameelah Japilus, Suzy Mohamed Sulaiman and Emy Latip – took part in the Vietnam Games in 2003. Then, Malaysia returned with two gold, two silver and three bronze medals.
The silat team's best medals haul in the Games was in 1991 in Manila. They returned with five golds, five silvers and five bronzes.

Ahmad, world champion in 1987 and 1990, turned to coaching in 1991.

His confidence in the team stemmed from the full-time training since February.

“This is a first for the sport. Our training programme started in February and all the athletes are based in Bukit Jalil. I believe that this has helped the exponents concentrate better and given them the chance to interact and forge better understanding with each other.

“Physically they are in the right shape and there's a sense of optimism when they are training.

“Even those making their debut are putting extra hours in training and working on their own,” he added.
Ahmad said the main opposition for Malaysia would come from the exponents from Vietnam, Indonesia and hosts Philippines.

“From the reports we have gathered, it seems these countries will pose the biggest threat. I have heard that they too will have some young exponents and hence we cannot make any firm assessment on our chances until the draw (on Nov 29) is made,” he added.

“I'm looking for a good outing. This time with full-time training and greater effort I feel that the team can do well. Four gold medals may be our target but I feel we are good enough for more.”

Sourced from http://thestar.com.my/sports/story.asp?file=/2005/11/13/sports/12573680

11 September 2005

Silat exponents demolish illegal karaoke centre

KUALA LUMPUR, Sat. - About 50 silat exponents demolished an illegal karaoke centre with their bare hands (pictures above and left) today.

The structure was illegally built on land belonging to Pertubuhan Seni Silat Lincah Malaysia (PSSLM), whose members decided to take the matter literally into their own hands as the local council seemed hesitant to act.

PSSLM chairman Datuk Omardin Mauju said the Selayang Municipal Council had failed to act on the matter even after numerous letters sent by the association.

"They asked us to demolish the structures ourselves. The land belongs to PSSLM and as such it was our responsibility.

"We waited four years for the council to act but nothing was done," he said, after leading his students in demolishing the premises here today.

Omardin said the 1.6ha plot of land was given by former Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abu Hassan Omar in 1999.

Sourced from http://www.accessmylibrary.com/article-1G1-136106325/silat-exponents-demolish-illegal.html