31 December 2009

Maul-ing his way all over the world

MORLAHNE HJ MORNIE, better known as Maul Mornie, is making the sultanate known via Silat Suffian Bela Diri.

Hailing from the oil town of Seria in the Belait District, the 32 year old is introducing the art around the world, having training groups in Australia, Germany, Italy, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA, Hong Kong and others.

In this year alone he had been booked for 47 weekends, there are 52 in a year.

He had been featured in several magazines and newspapers abroad, even appearing in Australian television twice.

Maul has been a fan of the martial arts since the age of 12, continuing to perfect his form throughout the years until he was invited to conduct his first seminar in Italy mid 2007.

“Back when I was still a student (in Cardiff), I was interested in joining martial arts classes.

“However, I mean no disrespect, some of the moves taught were not convincing enough,” he said.

“So I started making videos teaching knife defense and uploaded it to some discreet website where at first I thought no one would see it.

“Then within six months I started getting emails from people interested to learn which led to the first seminar in Italy in 2007,” he added.

From then on Maul has been conducting seminars in countries such as Germany, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, France, Hong Kong and the US particularly in New York and Florida, each time bringing with him the Bruneian flag.

“I have had other invitations to countries such as Russia, which I had to reject due to my tight schedule as I don’t have the time to secure a Visa.”

Maul’s schedule is currently packed until mid 2011 with few others yet to be confirmed.

When asked what his aims are and what motivates him to do it, Maul humbly replied, “I want to promote and introduce the diverse culture and heritage of Negara Brunei Darussalam in the Southeast Asian region. To help the world and educate people on how to defend themselves in the most efficient and best way they can.”

In his seminars, Maul not only teaches self defense but also the history and culture of our country.

“When I teach silat, I explain to them the significance behind each movement, for example why it is polite and why we dress the way we do.

“By bringing the Bruneian flag into each seminars I am able to introduce our culture and heritage.”

Silat Suffian Bela Diri has gained quite the reputation overseas in recent years especially law enforcement agencies, some of which he had instructed for are the US Marshals, NYPD, the Italian Guardia Di Finanza, the German Riot Police and the Belgium Army.

“They are keen into what I do because of its’ self defense aspect.

“It carries forward the traditional aspect of the art for survival instead of recreation, for survival not trophies.

“This is why when I hold a public seminar it always attracts a lot of participants.” he added.

When asked what his plans for the future are he said, “Within the next three or four years I plan to propose a project to the tourism board to introduce Silat as one of the attractions of coming into the country.

“There are interests by those who had participated my seminars from countries such as the US and Italy but I have no resources. So I would like to work together with other associations that are interested as I believe that Silat can be the best medium to educate people of our culture.

“I believe that this could make the difference between promoting Brunei to the western world and the rest of Asia.”

When asked the proudest moment in his life, he replied “It was in November when I held my seminar in Italy. About 80 people attended and they were all excited to learn about Brunei and wanted to take pictures with our national flag. As a Bruneian (to witness that), I just felt proud.”

Maul then offered some words of wisdom, “In three years I have conquered most of Europe and the US. As a fellow Bruneian, anything is possible if you put your mind into it, as long as you work hard and always have a positive outlook on life.

Written by AMIR AMIN
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27 December 2009

Taking silat to the people

A new campaign launched recently plans to bring silat o the masses, especially youths.

Organised by the Persatuan Silat Cekak Hanafi, the Jom Silat campaign is a seven-year programme aimed at educating the public about the martial art form.

Officiated by Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah last week, the campaign will culminate in a mass silat demonstration involving 50,000 participants in 2015.

“Aside from being an art of self-defence, Silat also helps to instill the values of disicpline and teamwork among our university students,” said Saifuddin, adding that the campaign will give the martial art form more prominence.

Sourced from http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2009/12/27/education/5353631&sec=education

21 December 2009

Pencak Silat Produces Four Golds

VIENTIATE, Dec 17 (Bernama) -- Pencak Silat gave Malaysia four gold medals at the 25th SEA Games in Laos on Thursday.

National pencak silat exponent Mohd Fauzi Khalib also turned into instant hero by clinching Malaysia's 30th gold medal.

The Penang lad outdone his rival from Vietnam, Truong Van Mao in the Class F men's below-75kg category final held at the Laos International Exhibition and Convention Centre, here.

In the highly anticipated final, the 22-year-old Fauzi earned the first point after he unleashed a powerful kick that forced the Vietnamese to tumble to the ground, which Fauzi said had boosted his confidence in the competition.

Speaking to Malaysian reporters after the match, Mohd Fauzi said: "I'm very proud as I've produced the badly needed gold medal for the Malaysian contingent."

Bronze was won by Marniel Dimla of the Philippines and Singaporean Elyasak Said.

Yesterday, with two days remaining before the closing ceremony of the biennial Games, the Malaysian contingent was in sixth position in the 11-country medal tally with only 29 golds, less one gold from the initial target of 30.

Faizal Abdullah produced the second gold after beating Thailand's Chanon Untakool 5-0 in the final of the men's Class H below-85kg category.

Faizal, 29, a military police personnel attached to the Jalan Genting-Klang's military camp, said this was his best achievement so far after a bronze medal at the 2007 Korat SEA Games.

"This time around, the pencak silat squad are well prepared with much tougher training before the Games," he said.

Nguyen Thanh Quyen of Vietnam and Shafiq Saiful of Singapore got the bronze.

The third gold came from Mohd Hafiz Mahari, 22, in the men's Class A below- 50kg after defeating host country opponent Okhe Botsavang in the final. The bronze went to Niphon Jantaro of Thailand and Amirul Ahat of Brunei Darussalam.

Meanwhile, Emy Latip gave the fourth gold in the women's Class C below-60kg after edging out Thailand's Jutarat Noytapa in the final. Anissa Pangestina of Indonesia and Saiedah Said of Singapore took the bronze.

After the completion of pencak silat today, Vietnam emerged champion after clinching six gold medals, four silver and a bronze, while Malaysia was in second place with four gold and six bronze medals, and Thailand in third (2-4-4).


18 December 2009

Sulaiman Sharif Exposes"50 Martial Arts Myths" in New Book for Martial Arts Teachers, Students and Enthusiasts

New York (Vocus) December 18, 2009 -- From the secrets of the Shaolin Temple to the tales of unstoppable one-touch death moves, myths and misconceptions about the martial arts have been perpetuated for centuries - and proliferate today on Internet forums, among Ultimate Fighting Championship fans, and even at children's karate classes. Now, Seni Gayong Black Warrior Sulaiman Sharif steps in to set the record straight with his surprising new book, "50 Martial Arts Myths." The 220-page, softcover book is available from Amazon.

"50 Martial Arts Myths" separates fact from fiction and reveals the true story of disciplined fighting skills. Readers will discover what a black belt really says about its wearer, learn why girls often make the best martial artists, find out why some of the softest martial arts forms pack the hardest punches - and much, much more.

"As a teacher, and a teacher of teachers, for many years, I have found that I must first break through my students' misconceptions before they can develop a true appreciation for the world's fighting systems," said Sulaiman, the highest-ranking black belt in the Malay Warrior Art of Seni Gayong Int. USA. "Only then can they begin to achieve their full potential in the martial arts."

Commonly believed myths debunked by Sulaiman's martial arts book include -

  • The Shaolin Monastery is the origin of all martial arts;
  • The West has no martial arts tradition of its own;
  • Kung fu is the most popular martial art;
  • If you're good at sparring, you're ready for fighting;
  • Mixed martial arts is a modern invention that prioritizes bloodshed over skill;
  • Top martial artists have to register their hands as weapons;
  • Martial artists compete in secret death matches;
  • Martial arts is the same as self-defense;
  • Qi can't really turn you into a better martial artist;
  • Martial artists have to be subservient to their instructors;
  • A true martial artist will never reveal his secrets.

Sulaiman is an expert to whom the world's leading martial arts teachers turn when they seek guidance. A teacher's teacher, he was personally selected by Silat Gayong's founder, the late Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman, to propagate the fighting system around the world. He taught in Europe and the United States for two decades before returning to Malaysia after founding Gayong International USA, which he leads today. His 45 years of experience in the martial arts have allowed him to teach Silat Seni Gayong to martial artists from dozens of disciplines including krav maga, kung fu, tae kwon do and karate.

Leading martial arts authorities praise the book:

Ric Meyers, author of "Great Martial Arts Movies," editor of "Inside Kung Fu" magazine, and member of the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame - "As a student, fan, and now a professor of both martial arts as well as martial art movies, I'm pleased that Sulaiman Sharif has finally debunked the myths that many of my readers and students have long held dear. As I say to them: 'it's not win or lose, it's learn or not learn.' Read this entertaining, fascinating book to truly 'win.'"

Guru Sean Stark, author and founder of Pencak Silat Pertempuran - "It's great to see a book that addresses so many martial arts myths. Hopefully, those thinking of getting involved in the martial arts will read this book so they will be able to discern what is real from what is not."

Bob Orlando, Kuntao-Silat instructor and author of "Martial Arts America: A Western Approach to Eastern Arts" -- "Thoughtful, well-presented, and a fun read."

Published by New Media Entertainment, Ltd., "50 Martial Arts Myths" is available for $29.95 at Amazon.

Sourced from http://www.prweb.com/releases/50_Martial_Arts_Myths/martial_arts_book/prweb3364184.htm

16 December 2009

Pencak Silat On Target To Win At Least Two Gold Medals

VIENTIANE, Dec 16 (Bernama) -- Pencak silat's target of winning two gold medals remained intact when four silat exponents marched into the final of four different categories.

After failed attempts in the 'Silat Seni' events, losing out to arch-rivals Indonesia, - Mohd Hafiz Mahari (men's Class A below 50kg), Mohd Fauzi Khalid (men's Class F below 75kg) and Faizal Abdullah (men's Class H below 85kg) and Emy Latip (women's Class C below 55kg) - made it to the final in their respective categories.

"There are high hopes that the four exponents, particularly Faizal and Emy, can deliver the much needed gold to end our long drought in the games. In Korat, we only won a silver medal but this time we are in with an opportunity to win gold," said team manager Osman Nok.

Nevertheless, he was a little worried with biased judging as had happened in the past here.

"So far, all our exponents have performed well to reach the final and should not have any problem beating their respective opponents. But, my only worry is biased judging," said Osman.

In tomorrow's finals, Mohd Fauzi meets Vietnam's Truong Van Mao; Mohd Faizal takes on Chanon Ontakool of Thailand; Mohd Hafiz faces Okhe Botsavang of Laos while Emy squares off against Thailand's Jurata Noytapa.

Malaysia has won six bronze medals thus far.

Sourced from http://www.bernama.com/bernama/v5/newssport.php?id=462779

15 December 2009

SEA Games: Gold Continues To Elude Pencak Silat

VIENTIANE, Dec 15 (Bernama) -- The Malaysian silat squad had to settle for another bronze from the women's 65-70kg category pencak silat event after Siti Rahmah Mohamed Nasir lost her semi-final bout against her Thai exponent Tuesday.

The 22-year-old, was beaten by Monruthai Bangsalad in the semi-final at the Lao International Trade and Convention Centre while Ngoan Le Thi Hong of Vietnam also settled for the bronze after losing to Sofani Rakhmalianti of Indonesia in another semi-final.

The bronze from Siti was the sixth for Malaysia in pencak silat.

Singapore top the overall medal tally for Pencak silat with a gold and five bronze medals followed by Brunei 1-0-3, Indonesia 1-0-3, Vietnam 0-2-1, Thailand 0-1-4 and Malaysia.

Laos have four bronze medals while Myanmar and the Philippines have a bronze each.

Pencak Silat which offers 12 gold medals would end on Thursday.

Sourced from http://www.bernama.com/bernama/v5/newsindex.php?id=461363

03 December 2009

Sukan Borneo: Brunei overall silat champions

THE Brunei Darussalam pencak silat contenders failed to collect any gold medals on the final day of the 3rd Borneo Games at the Youth Centre in the capital yesterday but were declared the overall champions after bagging a total of three gold and three silver medals.

Instead of winning gold, the Brunei’s silat athletes however, won all the silver medals in the three events contested – ‘Regu Lelaki’, ‘Ganda Wanita’ and ‘Tunggal Lelaki’.

“I am very disappointed with the results but with the fighting spirit shown by our athletes I can see they are really up to the tempo to win in their respective events. But luck was not on our side today,” said Hj Abdul Razak bin Hj Md Dali, the manager of the pencak silat team yesterday.

The manager said they only started training in August. Hj Abdul Razak was also disappointed with the Tunggal Lelaki’ event result in which he expected Eddy Ratno bin Hj Abu Bakar to win the gold medal.

“We lost by three points against East Kalimantan’s Dwi Chandra Wijaya who grabbed the gold medal. As I said earlier, luck was just not on our side,” he added.

East Kalimantan’s Dwi Chandra Wijaya won the gold medal in the Tunggal Lelaki’ event after collecting 466 points clocking the official time of 3 minutes. Brunei’s Eddy Ratno bagged the silver medal with 463 points (2 minutes and 59 seconds) followed by Fikri bin Yakup from Sarawak 451 points (3 minutes) for bronze.

Sarawak’s Nurbayani bte Fadzil and Heidy Diana Suip (525 points) outclassed Brunei’s Norleyharyanti bte Hj Raya and Nurul Aimi Amalina (509 points) in the ‘Ganda Wanita’ event to win the gold medal.

Meanwhile, East Kalimantan grabbed another gold medal in the ‘Regu Lelaki’.

The trio from East Kalimantan — Heri Usianto, Abdul Mukid and Zakki Imadudin — were awarded the gold medal after scoring 470 points followed by Mohd Amin bin Ali, Abd Malik bin Hj Ladi and Md Jufri bin Hj Junaidi from Brunei to win silver (466 points) and Sarawak’s Ahmad Nazri bin Abu Bakar, Mohd Faiz Farhat bin Abas and Mohd Zainul bin Wahab (463 points) won the bronze medal.

The guest-of-honour, Awang Sa Bali bin Abas, the Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office presented the medals to the winners.

Written by SAHROL DAUD
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