10 August 2002

Ex-World Junior Silat champion, girlfriend die in ravine crash

KUANTAN, Fri. - A former World Junior Silat champion and his girlfriend were killed when the car they were travelling in plunged into a 15-metre deep ravine at the Indera Mahkota 14 Industrial Estate here last night.

Mohd Firdaus Mohd Samsudin, 19, a student with an industrial training institute in Jalan Teluk Sisek here and Betty Azanirawatty Mohd Hisham, 20, are believed to have been killed after the Nissan Bluebird plunged into the ravine.

Betty Azanirawatty, was a trainee from Batu Rakit Teacher's Training College in Terengganu. Mohd Firdaus, a former World Junior Silat champion, won the gold medal in the 45-48kg category in Hanoi two years ago.

District Deputy Police Chief Superintendent Lim Char Boo said Betty Azanirawatty was driving the car when it plunged into the ravine about 11.50pm.

Police arrived at the scene minutes later after receiving a call from the public. Lim said the victims died due to injuries on their head, neck and chest.

Firemen had to be called into to help remove their bodies.

Mohd Firdaus was buried at the Cenderwasih Muslim cemetery here and Betty Azanirawatty in Pekan today.

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Brunei's Silat martial artists go for gold

A team of 10 of the Sultanate's best Silat martial artists and officers of Brunei Silat Association (PERSIB) were flown to Singapore yesterday afternoon to represent Brunei at the Asia Pacific Pancak Silat Competition in Singapore. Pengiran Pengawa Lela bentara Pengiran Haji Mokhtar Puteh, Chairman or PERSIB, greeted the participants at the Brunei International Airport.

Their families were also there to put the last straw of motivation before they commenced their journey to compete with the world's best.

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02 August 2002

Still living in the Middle Ages

SILAT, the ancient Malay art of self-defence, has stoked the imagination in the 21st century, with more than 100 nations now practising the fighting style. Sadly, there are still some locals who are stuck in the Middle Ages. How else could one explain the actions of the Lincah Malaysia association, who threatened to walk out of the 12th National Championships on Wednesday following the loss of their exponent, Ismail Darus, the day before.

The association were unhappy that their protest was upheld but no rematch was ordered. This was despite the assurance given by the national body that Ismail would be given a second chance to earn a berth for the World Championships in Penang at year's end.

The National Silat Association (Pesaka) must throw the book at the guilty culprits when they hold their executive council later this month. Otherwise, it would seem like the national body are condoning such actions.

Silat is no stranger to controversy as there have been many cases of indiscipline in the past, and exponents have been thrown out of national camps. As such, Pesaka must now act on the responsible parties - even if it would mean that one or more national coaches are involved.

Pesaka secretary Megat Zulkarnain, who offered to quit his post as he is a member of Lincah Malaysia - even though he was not party to their actions - must also be persuaded to stay on. Although the national championships were hosted by Kuala Lumpur, it was Megat who saw to the smooth running of the tournament, which could have been chaotic at times.

With the World Championships just four months away, Pesaka must be seen to be strong and they need good leaders like Megat. It is just the bad hats like those from Lincah Malaysia, who eventually finished as overall champions, that should be suspended.

Written by GRAIG NUNIS
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01 August 2002

Walkout quelled by Muhammad

FOR the second day running, controversy hit the 12th National Silat Championships but a firm hand from Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib quelled a walkout staged by Lincah Malaysia. The walkout also almost forced the resignation of National Silat Association (Pesaka) secretary Megat Zulkarnain as he felt ashamed since he was a member of Lincah.

Pesaka president Muhammad, however, rejected the resignation, and convinced Lincah to carry on and then promised stern action when the Pesaka executive council meets next month. Ironically, Lincah Malaysia went on to take the overall title with five gold medals, one more than Pahang and Gayung Fatani.

Lincah were upset over the loss of their SEA Games champion Ismail Darus in Tuesday's class B semifinals to Nik Adli Nik Abdullah of Gayuh Fatani. Despite the fact that the technical committee ruled in their favour, the match was still awarded to Adli. Although they accepted the ruling, it was a different story in the morning as they wanted to withdraw from the tournament, which is being used to select the national team to the inaugural Asia Pacific Championships next month. However, the president stepped in to advice them and they then agreed to carry on. "The president did not want to take immediate action as he feels we should allow the tournament to end first. Moreover, Lincah Malaysia did eventually compete," explained Megat.

On the mat, there were hardly any surprises as all the rest of the national exponents proved once again that they are the masters. Malacca's Ahmad Faisal Omar continued his 10-year unbeaten streak in the men's Class I with a 5-0 victory while Mohd Azrin Malek retained the Class H title for the fourth time.

RESULTS Finals Men Class A: Abg Erdie Pauzerul (Sarawak) bt Mohd Fazli Razali (G Fatani) 5-0 B: Burhan Budong (NS) bt Nik Adli Nik Abullah (G Fatani) 4-1 C: Mohd Emy Fazli (G Fatani) bt Shahrifullah Ibrahim (Perak) 3-2 D: Ahmad Shahril (Pahang) bt Mohd Shahibullah (Sarawak) 5-0 E: Syed Tahir Hussin (Pahang) bt Razman Sharif (Selangor) 3-2 F: Nordin Atan (Johor) bt Alwi Jidin (Kelantan) 3-2 G: Azhar Ahmad (Lincah Malaysia) bt Azman Mat Zain (KL) 5-0 H: Mohd Azrin Malek (Pahang) bt Abdullah Amir Rahman (Labuan) 5-0 I: Ahmad Faisal Omar (Malacca) bt Ahmad Tarmizi (Sarawak) 5-0 J: Mohd Arif Khamis (Malacca) bt Mohd Johari Jusoh (Johor) 5-0 Women Class A: Jurida Hussein (G Fatani) bt Rina Juliana Adnan (Lincah Malaysia) 4-1 B: Rina Jordana Adnan (Lincah Malaysia) bt Norazilah Mohd Abidin (G Fatani) 5-0 C: Norniza Abu Bakar (G Fatani) bt Zamzuraini Ahmad Zamran (Perak) 5-0 D: Siti Sukmah Buang (Malacca) bt Noridawati Hamid (Sarawak) 5-0 E: Sarah Ishak (Perak) bt Bibi Aishah (Malacca) 4-1 F: Azlinda Ahmad (Lincah Malaysia) bt Azlinda Abd Aziz (Pahang) 5-0 Team: Lincah Malaysia bt Kedah 3-1.

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Controversy mars national meet

SILAT Lincah emerged overall champions in the National Silat Championships which was marred by controversy over allegations of biased judging and the near-resignation of National Silat Association (Pesaka) secretary Megat Zulkarnain Omar Din at the KLBA Stadium in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

It was, however, an exciting championships in which 35-year-old Sea Games gold medallist Ahmad Faisal Omar retained his Class I crown for the 11th year running.

At the end of the individual events, Silat Lincah Association, Gayung Fatani and Pahang were tied for the title but Silat Lincah beat Kedah 3-1 in the final to bag the overall title.

A commotion broke out in the arena yesterday involving the Silat Lincah team who staged a walkout following a disagreement and accusations of biasness.

The problem started on Tuesday when Silat Lincah's Sea Games gold medallist Ismail Darus lost to Gayung Fatani's Nik Adli Abdullah. Silat Lincah protested that the judging was biased as a member of the Gayung Fatani team was among the panel of judges.

The problem carried on to yesterday morning leading Megat to announce his intention to step down from his Pesaka post but in the end, decided against it.

Megat, after consulting Pesaka president Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib, decided to hold on to his post, stating preparations for the Asia Pacific Championships and the World Championships as his priorities.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi was on hand to give away the prizes yesterday.

Results: Silat Seni - Finals: Men (singles): 1 Mohd Hanif Ahmad (Pahang) 200, 2 Khairul Ariffin Zaidi (Sarawak) 199, 3 Abd Majid Mohd Yusof (Johor) 194.

Women (duet): 1 Noor Syahidda Wati Abdullah Sani-Shalina Abdul Ghafar (Lincah Malaysia) 214, 2 Farizah Hanum Rashid-Nazatul Shima Abu Bakar (Johor) 208, 3 Maszura Mohd Yaacob-Norniza Abu Bakar (Gayuh Fatani Malaysia) 199.

Silat Olahraga - Finals - Men Class A: Abang Erdie Fauzerul Abg Fauzan (Sar) bt Mohd Fazli Razali (G Fatani) 5-0; Class B: Borhan Budong (NS) bt Nik Adli Abdullah (G Fatani) 4-1; Class C: Mohd Emy Fazli (G Fatani) bt Shahirifullah (Pk) 3-2; Class D: Ahmad Shahril Zailudin (Pah) bt Mohd Shahibullah Ambi (Sar) 5-0; Class E: Syed Tahir Syed Hussin (Pah) bt Ramdzan Sharif (Sel) 3-2; Class F: Nordin Atan (Joh) bt Alwi Jidin (Kel) 3-2; Class G: Azhar Ahmad (Lincah) bt Azman Mat Zain (KL) 5-0; Class H: Mohd Azrin Malek (Pah) bt Abdullah Amir Abd Rahman (Lab) 5-0; Class I: Ahmad Faisal Omar (Mel) bt Ahmad Tarmizi (Sar) 5-0.

Women Class A: Juridah Hussin (G Fatani) bt Rina Juliana Adnan (Lincah) 4-1; Class B: Rina Jordana Adnan (Lincah) bt Norazilah Mohd Azidin (Gayung M'sia) 5-0; Class C: Noraniza Abu Bakar (G Fatani) bt Zamzuraini Ahmad Zamran (Pk) 5-0; Class D: Siti Sukmah Buang (Mal) bt Nor idawati Hamdi (Sar) 5-0; Class E: Sarah Ishak (Pk) bt Bibi Aishah Golbal Shah (Mal) 4-1; Class F: Azlinda Ahmad (Lincah) bt Azlina Aziz (Pah) 5-0.

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