22 January 2007

PERSIB honoured at 'Nobat' ceremony

The Perguruan Seni Pancak Silat Gerak 41 yesterday held the "Nobat Prasetia and Sukmawira" presentation ceremony to honour local silat exponents as well as the Pancak Silat Association of Brunei (PERSIB).

The afternoon gathering was held at the Balai Sarmayuda of the Language and Literature Building in Berakas. It also marked the beginning of a new session of training for the 2007 intake of silat trainees.

The guest of honour at the event was the Director of the Language and Literature Bureau, Dr Mataim bin Bakar, who also opened proceedings.

PERSIB is an organisation dedicated to the development of the Malay traditional art of self-defence - silat - in the country, both as a sport and as martial art. At the gathering, certificates were presented to new and present office-bearers of the various committees of the association.

The pencak silat training curriculum comes in three categories - basic, primary and secondary - of 12 levels altogether. Trainees will strive to achieve the various "kependekaran" (warrior) status, from young master all the way to guru tua (senior master) and mahaguru (supreme master).

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