20 December 2002

e wrong step and a sure gold was lost

ONE WRONG step was all it took SEA Games gold medallist Shalina Abdul Ghafar and Noorsyahidda Wafi Abdul Sani to lose the gold medal in the women's silat seni doubles at the Penang International Sport Arena in Relau yesterday.

Shalina and Noorsyahidda were doing well in their doubles event until the final moment when they wrong-stepped their move and that was it.

Vietnamese Nguyen Hong Nhung and Nguyen Hai Yen were duly awarded the gold medal, winning by a mere two points.

The Vietnamese were given 565 points while the two Malaysians garnered 563.

But the most painful part of it must have been the fact that the two Vietnamese were the ones whom Shalina and Noorsyahidda had beaten last year in the Kuala Lumpur SEA Games for the gold medal.

Hence, their confidence of winning the gold medal again.

But that was until they mis-timed their movement and made that "fatal" step.

Said Shalina later: "We are disappointed and sad.

"We wanted to the gold medal but won the silver instead." Indonesia's Rida Malinda and Yuliana Fatimah finished with a score of 550 to win the bronze medal.

But then, Shalina and Noorsyahidda were not the only "losers" in the Malaysian squad.

The trios comprising Rina Juliana, Helena Nama and Norshaniza Azizan could only finish with a bronze medal.

The worst was they had to lose out on countback to Suryani, Pudji Dwi Riyanti and Mila Lusiana of Indonesia, after having tied at 459 points.

Nong Nhung and Hai Yen went on to put Vietnam in the lead in the medal count when they bagged their second gold in the trios, amassing 463 points.

Just like the women, the men also failed to produce the desired results.

Of the four semifinalists, only Mohd Zuber Ismail of the Class G silat olahraga, made it as the others bowed out.

Mohd Zuber thrashed his British opponent 5-0.

The three who could not proceed beyond the semifinals were Emy Latif, Abang Erdie Fauzerul Abang Fauzan and Azhar Ahmad.

Emy lost to Rodelyn Arlante of the Philippines 3-2 in the women's Class D while Abanf Erdie and Azhar were knocked out in the Class A and Class H.

Abang Erdie was defeated by Indonesia's Abdul Karim 5-0 while Azhar went down 3-2 to Mohd Imran Abdul Rahman of Singapore..

Written by K. KANDIAH
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19 December 2002

Jurida joins 10 others in finals

MALAYSIA continued to dominate the 12th World Silat Championships when four of their five exponents qualified for the silat olahraga's final rounds at the Penang International Sport Arena in Relau, Penang yesterday.

With the four qualifiers, Malaysia now have 10 exponents in the finals - six in the seni olahraga and four in the seni silat. And there could be more to come. The hosts still have eight exponents who feature in today's semi-finals. Jurida Hussein set the tone for Malaysia when she beat Indonesia's Pengky Simbar 4-1 in a women's Class A bout.

Mohd Azrin Abdul Malik then took it from there, sending Larry Sarreal of the Philippines out with a 4-1 margin in the men's Class I event. Malaysia, boosted by Jurida and Mohd Azrin's wins, pressed on with Ahmad Shahril registering a 4-1 win over Filipino Emmanuel Andres Baesa in a Class D bout.

Mohd Amin Saadon then wrapped up a fruitful day for the hosts when he beat another Filipino, Mark Corneta 5-0 in Class E. Alwie Jidin, however, fell to France's Chatelier Philpe 3-2 in the Class F category. As it stands, Malaysia can safely say they are on track to achieving the five-gold target set by the National Silat Association.

Results (Malaysians unless stated) - Men's Class A, s-finals: Ha Anh Tuan (Vie) bt Mohd Asadullah Karimullah (Sin) 5-0. Class D: Ahmad Sharil bt Emmanuel Andres Baesa (Phi) 4-1; A. Irsan Anwar (Ina) bt Zan Lon Khot (Myr) 5-0. Class E: Le Anh Tuan (Vie) bt Mohd Noor Rafili Mohd Ramli (Sin) 3-2; Mohd Amin Saadon bt Mark Corneta (Phi) 5-0. Class F: Dinh Cong Son (Vie) bt Suprapto (Ina) 4-1; Chatelier Philipe (Fr) bt Alwie Jidin 3-2. Class I: Mohd Azrin Abdul Malik bt Larry Sarreal (Phi) 4-1; Kanchanaphat (Tha) Truong Quang Anh (Vie) 4-1. Women's Class A, s-finals: Jurida Hussein bt Pengky Simbar (Ina) 4-1.

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PENANG, Dec 19 (Bernama) -- Malaysia today won their first medals in the World Silat Championship here by clinching a silver and a bronze in the Silat Seni (artistic) events.

Rina Juliana Adnan, Helena Nama Payon Nadus and Norshaniza Azizan had the honour of winning the country's first medal, in the women's trios event.

They collected 459 points to match Indonesia's Suryani, Pudji Dwi Riyanti and Mila Lusiana, but the Indonesians were awarded the silver on a technical countback.

The gold went to Vietnam's Nguyen Hong Nhung, Nguyen Hai Yen and Ly Thi Kim on 463 points.

Shalina Abdul Ghafar and Noorsyahidda Wagi Abdul Sani then went one step further to win a silver for Malaysia in the women's pairs event with 563 points.

The event was won by Vietnam's Nguyen Hong Nhung and Nguen Hai Yen with 565 points while the bronze went to Indonesia's Rida Malinda and Yuliana Fatimah with 550 points.



Men's Solo

1.Eko Wahyudi (INA) (462)

2.Nguyen Viet Anh (VIE) (460)

3.Mohamad Zahid Saaban (SIN) (452)

Women's Trios

1.Nguyen Hong Nhung/Nguyen Hai Yen/Ly Thi Kim (VIE) (463)

2.Suryani/Pudji Dwi Riyanti/Mila Lusiana (INA) (459)

3.Rina Juliana Adnan/Helena Nama Nadus Payon/Norshaniza Azizan (MAS) (459)

Women's Pairs

1.Nguyen Hong Nhung/Nguyen Hai Yen (VIE) (565)

2.Shalina Abdul Ghafar/Noorsyahidda Wagi Abdul Sani (MAS) (563)

3.Rida Malinda/Yuliana Fatimah (INA) (550)


Women's D (60-65kg):

Trinh Thi Nga (VIE) bt Penforn Sangmukda (THA) (5-0)

Rodelyn Arlante (PHI) bt Emy Latif (MAS) (3-2)

Men's C (55-60kg):

Mohamad Zulfakar Mohd Ramli (SIN) bt Dulnuan (PHI) (technical)

Jako Suprihanto (INA) bt Le Bang Truang (VIE) (5-0)

Men's A (45-50kg):

Abdul Abdul Karim (INA) bt Abg Erdie Fauzerul Abg Fauzan (MAS) (5-0)

Men's B (50-55kg):

Luftan Budi.S (INA) bt Tin Oo (MYA) (4-1)

Nguyen Thuy (VIE) bt Miftah Cae Wae (THA) (5-0)

Men's G (75-80kg):

Nguyen Hun Long (VIE) bt Alfred Neef (NED) (4-1)

Mohamad Zuber Ismail (MAS) bt Jason Davis (UK) (5-0)

Men's H (80-85kg):

Mohamad Imran Abdul Rahman (SIN) bt Azhar Ahmad (MAS) (3-2)

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18 December 2002

Sarah and Mastura in finals as Azlinda falls

TEARS of joy and sorrow flowed freely at the Malaysian camp yesterday as four exponents qualified for the finals and four for the semi-finals while two-time world champion Azlinda Ahmad bowed out disappointingly in her return to the national squad after being dropped for indiscipline last year.

The other exponent who was also booted out during the men's Class B quarter-finals was Negri Sembilan's Burhan Budong. He lost 1-4 to Vietnam's Nguyen Thuy. National champions Sarah Ishak and Mastura Rafuan, however, brought relief and joy to the homesters when they won their respective bouts to qualify for tomorrow's finals. They were the first two Malaysians to book their places in the finals in the championships which started on Sunday. Lincah Malaysia's national champion Rina Jordana Adnan qualified for the silat olahraga final in the evening, and returned later to book her ticket in the silat seni singles' finals. She scored 453 points in Pool A and is joined in the finals by Singapore's Alya Osman, Ly Thi Kim Tien of Vietnam and Dayang Rosidah Lamit of Brunei from Pool B. Mohamad Eswendy Maulana and Mohamad Andy Kabil also qualified for the men's doubles finals, joining Indonesians Asep Heri and Kusliwa Gunawan and Vietnam's Nguyen Hoi Bro and Nguyen Viet Anh and Spain's pair of Inigo Zarandona and Miguel Ange Salgado. But Sarah did not have it easy as she had to sweat it out against her relatively tough opponent from Indonesia, Nontje Sangkop before gaining victory. Backed by the supportive home crowd, Sarah however managed to gain points in her bouts to edge Nontje narrowly 3-2. Mastura, meanwhile, defeated Spain's Sofia Villa Nueva in the Class F category. The biggest disappointment was Azlinda, who won gold medals in Haadyai (1994) and Jakarta (2000), as she failed to overcome Vietnamese Pham Thi Hub in the freestyle category. Pham won 5-0. Four other exponents in the men's and women's categories managed to advance to the semi-finals. Mohd Arif Kamis won the freestyle event with a 5-0 margin while Mohd Zuber Ismail and Azhar Ahmad entered through Class G and H respectively. In the women's category, Hadziah Buang advanced to the semi-finals. RESULTS (Malaysia unless stated) - Men's Freestyle - Q-finals: Nguyen Thanh Arch Nhut (Vie) bt Zaenudin (Ina) 5-0, Mohd Arif Kamis bt Sukhjit Singh Shergill (Bri) 5-0; Class B: Nguyen Thuy (Vie) bt Burhan Budong 4-1; Class G: Mohd Zuber Ismail bt Abdul Kadir Ibrahim (Sin) 4-1, Alfred Neef (Ned) bt Wettle Gilles (Fr) 5-0. Class H: Azhar Ahmad bt Andy Zulkarnein (Ina) 5-0, Ronald Roll Vink (Ned) bt Ariftaskin Kokkoz (Bri) 5-0, Mohd Imran Abdul Rahman (Sin) bt De Becker Jan (Bel) 5-0, Nguyen Van Hung (Vie) bt Abchi Abdellah (Fr) 5-0; Class J: Hoang Giang (Vie) bt Glant Werder (Aus) 5-0, Bauke van Houten (Ned) bt Fritel Frederick (Fr) 5-0. Women's Freestyle - Q-finals: Pham Thi Hub (Vie) bt Azlinda Ahmad 5-0; Class B: Rina Jordana Adnan bt Siti Norhamizah Azahari (Bru) 5-0, Permata Kamalasari (Ina) bt Serena De Thomis (Ned) 4-1; Class C: Hadizah Buang bt Petra Postmus (Ned) 4-1, Tringh Thi Mui (Vie) bt Ni Komang Ayu (Ina) 4-1. S-finals - Class A: Le Thing Hong (Vie) bt Aungkana Aun Kasiwet (Tha) 5- 0; Class E: Lam Thi Huong (Vie) bt Pieters W. (Bel) 5-0, Sarah Ishak bt Nontje Sangkop (Ina) 3-2; Class F: Mastura Sapuan bt Sofia Villa Nueva (Sp) 5-0, Le Thi Hong Ngoan (Vie) bt Dwidamayanthi (Ina) 3-2. Silat Seni qualifying round men's doubles Pool A: Asep Heri G-Kusliwa Gunawan (Ina) 579 pts; Mohamad Eswendy Maulana-Mohamad Andy Kabil 566; Muhd Fazrul Aziz-Kamarulah Arifin Mohd Tahir (Sin) 563; Bart Stevens- Ronald De Haan (Ned) 537. Pool B: Nguyen Hoi Bro-Nguyen Viet Anh (Vie) 543; Inigo Zarandona-Miguel Angel Salgado (Spn) 502; Muhamad Ibnu Rodi-Adesmy Hamad (Tha) 492. Trios Pool A: Mohd Rashid-Abdul Rahim-Mohd Hafizul (Sin) 457; Pepijn Schviling-Michiel Wessiling-Chris Pieneman (Ned) 446; Miftah Caewae- Waratat Tapmongkol-Kitiroi Assavaaree (Tha) 434; Inigo Zarandona-Miguel Angel-Iker Goiri (Spn) withdrew. Pool B: Rizanul Wahyudi-Yunanta Chandra-Nuryudha Bijak (Ina) 460 (172); Nguyen Viet Anh- Nguyen Huy Bao-Nguyen Dang Linh (Vie) 460 (170); Omar Abdullah-Azahari Abu Bakar-Muhammad Rafee 455; Adrien Kardar-Shah Haque- Sean Kardar (Eng) 423. Women's singles Pool A: Rina Jordana Adnan 453; Alya Osman (Sin) 451; Tuti Winarni (Ina) 442; Aangkana Aun Kasiwet (Tha) 436; Anita Khorugdharry (Eng) 422. Pool B: Ly Thi Kim Tien (Vie) 461; Dayang Rosidah Lamit (Bru) 454; Blanka Michaela Remeseva (Czech) 444; Rosana Urrutikoetxea (Spn) 437.

Sourced from http://www.accessmylibrary.com/coms2/summary_0286-11348171_ITM

17 December 2002

Give Malaysia five

MALAYSIA are within striking distance of achieving the five-gold target after three of the country's silat olahraga exponents triumphed in the 12th World Silat championships at Penang International Sports Arena in Relau yesterday. And that's excluding the women who made it to the trios and doubles silat seni finals on Thursday. The man who gave the Malaysian supporters the early cheers was Alwie Jidin when he kicked out England's Arash Adami 4-1 in Class F.

Ahmad Sharil Zailudin then sent Vietnamese Nguyen Xuang Hung crashing 4-1 in Class D. Mohd Amin Saadon wrapped it up for the host country when he defeated Holland's European champion Jan van Houten 4-1. The trios' achievement and that of their three other fellow exponents who made it to the semifinals on the opening day on Sunday, saw Malaysia having a total of six exponents in the semifinals. The only Malaysian who failed to advance to the last four was 2001 SEA Games gold medallist Ismail Darul.

Ismail lost 0-5 to Vietnam's Le Ba Truang in Class C. Those who qualified on Sunday were Mohd Azrin Abdul Malik, the recent national champion, and Emy Latif and Jurida Hussein in the women's category. Mohd Azrin of Pahang defeated Indonesia's Sigit Infantoro 5-0 in the men's Class I. Emy then beat Indonesia's Puspa Endah 5-0 in Class D and Jurida, the Class A national champion, knocked out Japanese Akiko Asami 5-0. The combination of Rina Juliana, Helena Nama and Norshaniza Azizan came out second to Vietnam in Pool B in the women's trios. In the doubles, Shalina Abdul Ghafar and Noorsyahidda Wagi Abdul Sani displayed great skills to garner the highest points of 576 in Pool A to move into the final with Singapore (553).

Written by K. KANDIAH
Sourced from http://www.accessmylibrary.com/article-1G1-95560663/give-malaysia-five.html


PENANG, Dec 17 (Bernama) -- Reigning world champion Azlinda Ahmad of Malaysia crashed out in the semifinals of the World Silat Championship held at the Penang International Sports Arena (Pisa) here today.

However her teammates Sarah Ishak and Mastura Sapuan managed to beat their respective opponents to qualify for the final bout in their categories.

Azlinda, 29, lost to Vietnam's Pham Thi Hub 0-5 in the Putri (women) Open division.

Meanwhile Sarah defeated Dwidamayanthi of Indonesia 3-2 in the Putri E (65-70kg) category while Mastura overwhelmed Sofia Villa Nueva of Spain 5-0 in the Putri F (70-75kg) division.

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15 December 2002

Netherlands eyeing four gold

EUROPEAN Pencak Silat champions, the Netherlands are confident of winning a minimum of four gold medals at the 12th World Silat Championship at the Penang International Sports Arena (Pisa) in Relau, Penang beginning today.

The strong eight-man and two women squad arrived last Saturday and immediately got down to training at the competition venue. Netherlands' coach Johann Davids said the last time they won gold was four years ago in Jakarta, Indonesia where they managed two gold medals.

"Alfred Neef, who had won the gold four years ago is competing in this tournament and is a good bet for the gold in the 80kg category," said Davids.

"The chances of our team performing well is very good as they all are well prepared and ready for challenge.

"Most of the martial arts exponents have experience in competing in the World Championship and are prepared for anything," added Davids after a training session at Bukit Jambul in Penang on Thursday.

Davids said the sport is very popular and has many followers in the Netherlands because there are many Indonesians there who promote the martial art. There are more than 50 clubs with more than 1,500 registered exponents and maybe another 5,000 unregistered.

As proof of their seriousness, Davids revealed that parents and friends of the exponents and a host of supporters will be flying to Penang to lend their support.

The Dutch team comprises Orio Ruys (60kg), Roy Jozefzoon (65kg), Jan van Houten (70kg), Martijn Houwerzijl (75kg), Alfred Neef (80kg), Ronald Roolvink (85kg), Klaas Dupon (90kg) and Bauke van Houten. The women exponents are Sarena de Thomis (55kg) and Petra Postmus (60kg). Roy Smith is the team manager and he is assisted by Frans Veetman and coaches Johann Davids and Julian Langitan. A total of 350 exponents from 26 countries will compete in the championship which ends on Dec 21.

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14 December 2002

Unknown but determined UK group

SILAT is still unheard-of to many in England eventhough the Pencak Silat Federation of United Kingdom was established about eight years ago. But that did not deter a small group of young exponents in London to take up the martial art as a form of self defence solely for the love of the sport.
A relatively young and inexperienced team of seven men and three women arrived on Monday to compete in the 12th World Silat Championship to be held at the Penang International Sports Arena (Pisa) in Relau, Penang starting tomorrow.

Team manager Karin Langle said for eight of the pesilats this is their first international competition, while the two others had competed in the last world championship in Jakarta, Indonesia.

"We came here to provide exposure to our athletes and also for them to gain experience competing in big tournaments. "We are not expecting to win any medals, but it would definitely be good if we do so.

"This is not a district or a regional competiton, but a world championship, and we know our level," said Langle during her team's training session at Pisa yesterday. Langle said most of the exponents were university students while the rest were working full time, and they only managed to get the team together two months ago and started preparing them for the tournament. It would have been a much bigger team if not for the timing of the competition as the December month is always the examination month and they could not skip them.

The team trained under chief coach Setiyono Hakzah and his assistant Indonesian Harun AlRasyid. She said the Federation was trying its best to promote the sport in UK yet those outside London are ignorant of the sport. When asked about the negative reports of Malaysia being spread, Langle told Timesport that they were least worried about it all.

"All of us are from London and we are used to the IRA bombings and all those talk about Malaysia not being safe never at all detered us from coming here. "This is a lovely country and the people are all very nice and friendly, it would have been sad if we didn't make it here. "We were more worried of not coming here than coming here," said a jovial Langle.

The team led by Langle comprises Tony Shergill, Arif Kokkof, Shah Hague, Jason Davis, Arash Adami and brothers Sean and Adrien Kardar while the women exponents are Hannah Airashid, Anita Khorugdharry and Afcaneh Arghianey. A total of 350 exponents from 26 countries will compete in the championship which will end on Dec 21. Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will declare open the championship at Pisa at 8pm today.

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PENANG, Dec 14 (Bernama) -- Malaysia is among the safest countries in the world due to its political stability and secured economy, said Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today.

The Deputy Prime Minister said this was proven by its ability to host various international events.

Speaking at the opening of the 12th World Silat Championship here, he said foreign visitors could also go anywhere they wanted in the country without fear.

Abdullah said the economic stability made Malaysia a shopping haven for tourists.

Nineteen countries are taking part in the week-long championship.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad in his message urged silat organisations such as the National Silat Association (PESAKA) to find out why the younger generation was no longer interested in the Malay martial art.

He said steps must be taken to correct this in efforts to produce future generation, strong in character and did not fear challenges.

Dr Mahathir said the government welcomed efforts to promote the silat since it could help prevent the youths from indulging in unhealthy activities.

"The silat inculcates discipline and self confidence," he said.

Sourced from http://www.accessmylibrary.com/article-1G1-95517303/malaysia-among-safest-countries.html

06 December 2002

Silat exponent Sutton to write book on `most beautiful form of martial arts'

JOHOR BARU, Wed. - Those interested in silat will soon have a new source of reference in the form of a book, penned by a very unlikely author, English language teacher Nigel C. Sutton. The 42-year-old native of Bognor Regis, West Sussex, England, has completed his five-year training in the Lianpadukan and Silat Melayu Lok Sembilan schools and is now preparing to write about it.

Sutton, who is also a master in wushu and taijiquan, speaks Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia fluently. Teaching English at the First English Language Centre in Batu Pahat now, Sutton has written seven books since his maiden effort titled Applied Taijiquan was published in 1990.

"I want to write the book on silat because it is perhaps the most beautiful form of martial arts which is less known outside the Malay world. "I also want people from other societies to learn more about the richness of the Malay traditions by providing them with an insight on the intrinsic and graceful art of silat."

Sutton will use what he learnt from his silat gurus, Azlan Ghanie and Mohammed Hasyim Salleh, as materials for the book. The Englishman, who has been residing in this country since 1992, recently procured the white belt, which is the highest level of grading for silat exponents.

Recalling his graduation night for the Lianpadukan silat school, Sutton said he completed it after a sevenhour ritual which began at 10pm. Describing the experience as scary, Sutton said one of the tests he had to undergo was to spar against five seniors.

"It wasn't actually just a case of sparring, as they practically attacked me with lethal blows and devastating kicks." Other than the bruising encounter, Sutton was also required to undergo other tests such as breaking the buah keras with his fingers and hammering nails using his bare hands.

"As the ceremony came to a close, I had to endure a cold shower which signified the cleansing of the body. According to my guru, this will bring God's protection for me when I meet with danger.

"When I got my white belt, my guru asked me if I would be able to turn the other cheek when I am slapped by someone and I said that I couldn't. To this, my guru said a true silat master is like a holy man and the art of restraint is essential in this craft."

Sutton's wife, Tan Mew Hong, 39, of Batu Pahat, is also a martial arts enthusiast and is learning silat at the first grade. Like her husband, she is also a master of wushu and taijiquan.

On his passion for writing, Sutton said he normally writes about 1,000 words a day. He had recently launched Silat Warrior, a magazine on martial arts targeting readers in the Western countries. On the circulation of the magazine, Sutton said it was less than encouraging judging from the three issues produced since May last year, but he was not about to give up.

Sutton is also planning to set up an umbrella organisation for local and foreign martial arts enthusiasts next year. He believed Malaysia had the potential to attract foreign martial arts enthusiasts as the Muay Thai Institute and the Lanna Muay Thai Boxing Camp were doing for Thailand.

"For one thing, Malaysia is even better than Thailand; there are more English-speaking people here. "Tour packages can be arranged for family members while their loved ones train under a proposed 21-day module programme."

A member of the Zhong Ding Traditional Martial Arts Association, Sutton said the association was celebrating its 15th anniversary here next September. Raised in a musically inclined family where his father was a musician and younger sister a composer, Sutton said he picked up taijiquan at the age of 13 and had never looked back.

His love for martial arts took him to Beijing where he won the gold medal in the Tianjin International Cup in 1986. Since coming to Malaysia in 1992, Sutton has been spending every Christmas in this country.

"Except for the weather, there is little difference in spending Christmas here compared to England. In fact, my 10-year-old son and six-year-old daughter love Malaysia so much as they also get to celebrate other major festivals," he added.

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