10 February 2008

A Tourist Kujang?

My sister just came back from holidaying in Bandung and, knowing her brother well, bought me a Kujang. It reminded me of how I knew of this weapon in the first place.

My first encounter with a Kujang was at a car boot sale several years ago. I initially brought enough cash to buy the RM150 Kujang. Problem is, I was quite disappointed with the quality. It seemed to me to be a Kujang made for tourists and I couldn't understand the reason behind the dearness.

A close friend criticised my decision, saying that the weapon I saw wasn't a combat weapon, but a magical tool, since many Indonesian weapons including the keris, are well-known for their mystical properties, not their fighting value.

Being brought up in Malaysian silat, which focuses on the keris as a combative tool, it took me awhile to accept this. Needless to say, that was an education in itself, as the Kujang was bought from under my nose just as I went back to the next week to purchase it.

So, what do you think? Did my sister get me a tourist Kujang or a really magical one? :)

Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab


jeff davidson said...

Bro, I got that same one on ebay in '99.

Anonymous said...

looks very unique..i like it.

djambu puadovich said...

so, d kujang is used for stabbing or slashing? how does it work actually?

Mohd Nadzrin Wahab said...

Salam hormat Djambu,

Honestly? I don't know :)

Salam persilatan,