21 October 2008

Kristianto succumbs to injury, Supartini marches into final

Indonesia's chances of winning gold through its ace pencak silat fighter Diyan Kristianto are dashed after he was stretchered off with a knee injury during his semifinal Monday.

The Southeast Asian (SEA) Games gold medalist Kristianto was unable to finish his match against Amirul Ahat of Brunei Darussalam.

"What can we say? It's an accident and nobody wants it, but it happened," coach Dani Wisnu told The Jakarta Post after the match was suspended in Amirul's favor.

Wisnu said he asked the referee to stop the contest after seeing Kristianto could not stand following a fall.

"I didn't want him to suffer anymore. I am thinking about his performance at the next SEA Games,"Wisnu said.

The accident happened as Kristianto was trying to defend an attack from Amirul, but his feet sank deep into the sand,Wisnu said.

Kristianto was taken to Sanglah Hospital. Later in the day, Indonesian team manager Bambang Rus Effendi confirmed that the 2007 SEA Games gold medalist was diagnosed with a torn ligament tothe back of his left knee.

"I'm very disappointed, but what can I say? No one is to blame, not even the Brunei's pesilat," Kristianto told the Post by phone."We fell together and unfortunately I was not in the right position. I hope I will get well soon." Effendi said Wisnu made the right decision to withdraw Kristianto from the fight.

"Kristianto is one of our top players,we didn't expect this to happen but it has,"Effendi said. Brunei's Indonesian-born head coach Suhartono said the injury was unintentional, adding that the result might have been different if the match was not postponed.

"It happened too quickly and my pesilat had no intention of hurting his opponent.

Compared to indoor pencak silat, athletes playing beach pencak silat are more prone to injury," said Suhartono, who has coached Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand and Brunei Darussalam over his 12-year career.

Indonesian pesilat Ria Puspita Sari, who played in the women's 45 to 50-kilogram category, also bowed out in the first round. She lost to Nga Latip of Vietnam.

In the women's 60 to 65-kilogram category, Ni Nyoman Supartini made short work of Monruthai Bangsalad for a 5-0 win. Supartini will play Siti Zuliza Omar of Brunei Darussalam in the gold medal match Wednesday.

"Ria is a newcomer, butthat Supartini stands a good chance in her final match. Based on her track records, she should be able to control the match," Wisnu said.

Sourced from http://www.accessmylibrary.com/article-1G1-187537790/kristianto-succumbs-injury-supartini.html

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