28 October 2008

Martial Arts expert shows off his moves

An internationally acclaimed martial arts guru showed off his skills at the Beachcomber Inn in Brean.

Unarmed knife defence expert and blade awareness instructor Maul Mornie from the Brunei school of martial arts visited the resort to hold a seminar with local people.

The art, which is known as 'Silat Suffian Bela Diri', teaches people how to protect themselves from knife attacks and instructs solid techniques for self defence and combat.

Frank Ellul, a teacher at St Johns School in Highbridge said: “Having Maul Mornie here is a bit like having Bruce Lee in Burnham. He is internationally known.”

Written by David Hemming
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djambu puadovich said...

salam bro,
now that yoga is considered unlawful (Berita Harian Online 29 Ocotber 2008), why not promote more of Senaman Tua? :)

what's your say about that?