20 April 2009

Looking for Distributors for SMC products

Silat products business opportunity
Are you looking for a straightforward venture, that needs no large capital but with a high income and no risk? I hereby invite all Silat Melayu: The Blog readers to be sales agents of SilatMelayu.Com (SMC) for our very first product, a 'Weapon' themed T-Shirt (thus making you our sales agent for all subsequent products)

What you will get
As our Distributor, you will be mailed an SMC Distributor Pack which includes the following:



  • Almost 25% commission from every T-Shirt sale
  • 1 x Keris T-Shirt sample (free)
  • 1 x SMC Letter of Distributor Appointment
  • 1 x Distributor Guidebook
  • Prize giveaway for the Distributor with the highest T-Shirt sales before 1 June 2009: One copy of the English-language book ‘Silat Tua: The Malay Dance of Life’ autographed by the authors Zainal Abidin Shaikh Awab and Nigel Sutton.

Registering as a Distributor
Distributor registration will be open until 1 May 2009. Please follow the steps below:

1. Deposit the registration fee of RM25 under the the following name Mohd Nadzrin bin Abdul Wahab to either bank account:

  • (CIMB 1438 000 638 6528) or
  • (Maybank 1142 7117 825 1)

2. Email the following details to silatmelayu@gmail.com: (atau sms them to 016-3085 789)

  • Full name:
  • MyKad No:
  • Full address (for posting of t-shirt sample):
  • Email address:
  • Phone no:
  • Date & time of deposit:
  • Account fee deposited into (CIMB or Maybank):
  • T-Shirt size: XL/XXL/XXXL:

3. Your application will take 2 weeks to process. If after 14 days you do not receive your Distributor Pack, please call 016-3085 789.

Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab


Anonymous said...


Can I get it in white, brown or maybe green? Just the same old typical black color of silat....?


Mohd Nadzrin Wahab said...

Salam hormat Ustaz,

Unfortunately, you're the first person to request it in a different colour. If we have enough responses, we will consider to reprint it in another colour.

Salam persilatan,

9w2azx said...

i like the idea of getting the T shirts in different colour.

tokkeris said...

salam...ada saiz M atau L tak?berminat nak beli baju ni..