30 September 2007

Who to study silat with in Malaysia?

Previously, I have recommended several different styles to visitors from overseas who want to study here. All of them I have personally studied or have deep trust for the masters teaching it. However, it would help to know what types of styles you are interested in.

Silat in Malaysia can generally be classified into styles that emphasise training in one of three aspects of Silat technique or a relative balance between them: Kuncian (locking), Pukulan (striking) and Buangan (throwing). They also have relative weapons training to develop or complement the empty handed skills.

Some of them are deeply Islamic in nature and only admit Muslims. Below I list a few of the styles I would personally recommend and their locations in Malaysia:

1. Silat Telapak Nusantara
Technical breakdown- Locking: 33%, Striking: 33%, Throwing: 33%
Weapons- Keris, Pedang, Parang, Kain & Tongkat
Master/ Instructor- Ustaz Saiful Muhammad in Negeri Sembilan
Contact: www.senisilat.net/english, ustazshifu@senisilat.net, +6019 631 5668 (mobile)

2. Silat Melayu Keris Lok 9
Technical breakdown- Locking: 33%, Striking: 33%, Throwing: 33%
Weapons- Keris, Kerambit, Tumbuk Lada, Tongkat
Master/ Instructor- Guru Azlan Ghanie
Contact- mailto:33%25azlanghanie@yahoo.com +6012 332 6723 (mobile)

3. Silat Sendeng Haji Hamid
Technical breakdown- Locking: 5%, Striking: 90%, Throwing: 5%
Weapons- Pedang, Tongkat, Tumbuk Lada, Tekpi, Keris
Master/ Instructor- Guru Jamaludin Shahadan +609 2228 754 (home)

4. Silat Kuntau Tekpi
Technical breakdown- Locking: 50%, Striking 10%, Throwing: 40%
Weapons- Tekpi
Master/ Instructor- Cikgu Norazlan Abdul Wahid +6012 332 3264 (mobile)

5. Silat Kalimah
Technical breakdown- Locking: 40%, Striking 10%, Throwing: 50%
Weapons- None
Master/ Instructor- Guru Eusoff Ali (aka Pak Jauhari) +6012 374 1848 (mobile)

6. Silat Setiabakti
Technical breakdown- Locking: 10%, Striking: 80%, Throwing: 10%
Weapons- Tongkat, Parang, Kerambit
Master/ Instructor- Guru Dahlan Karim +6016 350 0410.

All of them have experience in training non-Malaysians and have a fair command of English. You can contact them personally for more information.

Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab


jeanjean said...

Dear Nadzrin,

I would like to come to Malaysia in the next month or so for a visit. I would like to meet with you and a school or two to discuss coming to study Silat for however long it takes to get it right. I know we have discussed this in the past and I am a lot closer to escaping Canada. Let me know so I can make travel arrangements.

Thank you,
Jon Clement

JinPakaiTuncit said...

Salam/Peace, all

Dear Nadzrin and Jon

You might also want to consider Jak Othman, a guru in Silat Harimau Berantai. He has been teaching silat locally and overseas for almost 30 years (he's only 46!). You can contact him at jak@jakickboxing.com .

kijal said...

Just bum into your blog and it is very interesting. May I know why u listed the above 6 silat & most interesting (at least to me) is that none of is from the 'mainstream' Malaysia silat namely Gayong, Cekak, Lincah.
Share your thoughts ya.

Mohd Nadzrin Wahab said...

Salam hormat,

The biggest reason for the above six is that I have either personally studied these arts or am confident in their quality, ability and/or experience in teaching foreign students (All of those masters are English-speaking, at least).

The second reason is that all of the masters I recommended are very stable, i.e. not involved in any detrimental national nor internal politics which could detract from the students' learning and/ or growth should they decide to establish a representative school in their home countries.

The third reason is that most of them are either founders, heads or high ranking intructors of their styles and they have the time and focus to teach private groups.

I dare to recommend these styles simply because I can answer any questions or disputations concerning them. I don't have enough knowledge on other styles to do the same for them.

Salam persilatan,

kijal said...

hey, thanks for replying promptly.

p/s: saw d article on NST about u. Good job man.

Karen said...


My daughter, who lives in Dubai spent a year in Malaysia studying Silat Seni Tangkas, she has since lost her certificates, can you give me contact details of someone in Bayan Lepas Penang who could replace them?

Thank you, wa salam

ezey said...


Ade tak contact untuk Silat Gayong Fatani? Saye berminat nak belajarlah

Unknown said...

saya berusia hampir 30 thn tetapi mempunyai minat hendak belajar silat. masih boleh kah lagi kalau saya nak belajar. Jika tiada halangan dimana kah tempat yang boleh saya berhubung, untuk tempat yang berdekatan kawasan cheras