29 April 2017

Nothing can stop you

"Jika jihadmu sungguh, maka pembuka kunci musuhmu adalah patahmu, tapi patahmu dituruti matinya."

In silat, when someone applies a lock onto your joints, you have very few choices. One of them is to find a way to slither out of the lock. Another is to move his centre of gravity to create slack.

However, when the lock is very tight and surrender is NOT an option (your family is in danger, your ummah needs you), then you commit a sacrifice move by forcing against the lock and possibly dislocating your joint or breaking one of your own bones.

If your struggle is just, it is a worthy price to pay, just as the sahabi who lost his arms, one after another, yet continued carrying Rasulullah's war banner to rally the fighters' spirits.

After the break, the ensuing pain and adrenaline rush is channeled into a decisive killing blow (possibly even suicidal) against your now confused opponent.

If you truly believe in what you strive for, then nothing will stand in your way.

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