19 October 2005

Suzy reserves her best for challenge in Manila

SILAT exponent Suzy Mohd Sulaiman may have competed against the best at the Paris Open where she clinched a bronze medal, but believes her hardest battles will be in the Manila Sea Games.

"The Sea Games is going to be more challenging because exponents from South East Asian countries are tougher and better at this sport, especially Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines," said Suzy yesterday.

Suzy, who is from Kuantan, Pahang, first came into prominence in the 2003 National Championships where she won a gold medal. She repeated the feat in the Singapore Open last year.

With just over a month left to the Games, Suzy continues with her intense training and will compete in a friendly competition in Bangkok, Thailand, on Oct 25-29 with the rest of the squad.

"I have been training since May for the Sea Games, but I still think I need to train intensely. My confidence level has been going up steadily though I shiver as the Games gets closer.

"The friendly competition in Bangkok will, hopefully, help assess my current form and preparation." Suzy, who practises the 'Silat cekak harimau', competed in the 2001 Vietnam Sea Games. She is also the Pahang silat coach.

"I'm only worried about exponents from Indonesia who are heavy contenders. In the Vietnam Games, the hosts were the feared ones, but now it's Indonesia we need to look out for." Suzy trains under a private coach, Nasri Nasir.

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