09 September 2006

Anyone else been scammed?

I've gotten quite a few emails regarding the PUKULAN TUJUH HARI book in the previous post from friends thanking me for bringing this to light. Many of them have even forwarded their correspondences with the person selling the book.

The initial responses from the seller are interesting and descriptive, but after several inquiring emails, he seems to have disappeared (even after ultimatum emails were sent), which convinced these buyers they were duped.

I include below, some of the seller's responses about the book. In reply to a question about the content and quality of the book, he wrote (translated to English):

"P7H is only a name given to one martial art's technique. Silat Melayu calls it P7H, Karate calls it sen no sen, Kungfu calls it jeet tek, western fencing calls it attack on preparation and development. western boxing calls it quarter or half beat. The P7H guide is the result of the author's journey and research into the martial arts world for 15 years. The methods are the same but the names differ. Delivery of the P7H guidebook will be done as soon we receive your order. P7H needs minimal practise to develop skill. P7H is more the concept than the technique itself".

If anyone knows how to contact the company Bayan Juta Enterprise, please direct the owners to this blog and contact us at silatmelayu [at] gmail.com. We'd like to hear both sides of the story. Have you also bought the book? Tell us what you think.

Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab

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