18 September 2006

Silat Movies Available on DVD

A chance visit to the Ampang Park shopping centre allowed me to survey a video store. Since TN2006's earlier comments on my blog were still fresh in my mind, I took it upon myself to see if the movies from which he sourced his collection of silat video clips were available.

Lo and behold, they now have on DVD, Tuah and Kelisa (a movie I had never seen before, but was reading about in several issues of PENDEKAR I had borrowed from a good Sendeng friend the night before). Tuah starred Jamal Abdillah as Tuah and Faizal Hussein as Jebat, while the former World Silat Olahraga champion Ruzaidi Abdul Rahman starred in Kelisa, the one movie proudly touted by local pesilat as the silat movie to watch.

Unfortunately, I have no DVD player, so I gave it a pass. However, I now regret it since I wonder how much longer they'll be on the shelves. The licensed DVDs are sold for RM9.90 each. Many other late 80s and early 90s Melayu movie titles are available including the A.R. Badul and Mr. Os favourites (with Panglima Badul being the only silat-themed one, albeit a comedy, but the fight scenes are downright funny).

Other silat-themed or silat-player movies include Iskandar (with an Awie and Bob Omardin [son of Mahaguru Omardin of Lincah fame] climactic warehouse fight, which bears a scant silat look anyway) and Raja Laut (a Navy movie starring Ustaz Mokhtaruddin of Silat Pancang 12 fame), although I'm unsure of what silat scenes are included in this one.

So, for TN2006, if you're looking to update your collection, DVDs are definitely clearer than old RTM video shots. And for those who want to start building their own collection, you can start your journey at LOVE MUSIC CENTRE (M) SDN BHD, 190, GROUND FLOOR, AMPANG PARK COMPLEX, JALAN AMPANG, KUALA LUMPUR. For those who are unsure, just take the Putra line LRT to the Ampang Park station and you're there!

Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab

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