04 September 2006

Brunei: Recognition for silat exponents

A certificate presentation ceremony to silat instructors and members of Perguruan Persilatan Panca Sukma was held yesterday at the RBRC Sports Complex in Berakas.

The event was organised by Perguruan Persilatan Panca Sukma in collaboration with RBRC Silat Club and Kg Keriam, Tutong of PPPS branch as well as PDS School of PPPS branch, Sengkurong Primary School Brunei III and OKAWSD Primary School of Kupang.

Present as the guest of honour was Awg Hj Arsad bin Abd Adis, Director of Co-curriculum, Ministry of Education. Also present were Awg Hassan bin Hj Tuah, President of Perguruan Persilatan Panca Sukma; committee members of the association, Ketua Kampong of Keriam, and principals of PDS Jangsak Gadong, OKAWSD Primary School of Kupang and Sengkurong Primary School Brunei III.

Silat is a form of martial art that has been practised in Brunei and is part of the local culture and accepted as a sport in the region.

The presentation of certificates to the instructors, leaders of silat clubs and members of Perguruan Persilatan Panca Sukma was done by the guest of honour.

There was a showcase of silat styles by various silat clubs under Perguruan Persilatan Panca Sukma. There was also a silat performance by members of the Brunei Sports School.

Silat activities conducted by the members were also on display at the RBRC gallery. It was aimed at informing and attracting the public on silat activities.

Written by JON TAMPOI
Sourced from http://www.accessmylibrary.com/article-1G1-150889494/brunei-recognition-silat-exponents.html

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