07 September 2006

Pukulan 7 Hari Scam?

I recently became aware of a website purporting to sell a book titled 'PANDUAN PUKULAN TUJUH HARI'. For silat enthusiasts, Pukulan Tujuh Hari is a secret striking art that is claimed to have originated from the Bugis and was brought over to Malaysia via their clans. The art is well known especially among Sendeng stylists and have achieved a notoriety for secrecy and deadly effectiveness.

Unfortunately, a friend who has ordered and paid for the book has not received his copy within the alloted time, prompting him to declare it a scam. I shall keep this post up, not to discredit the website owner (who hasn't even stated his name on it), but as a mention of caution to those who would buy the book, at least until my friend gets his copy.

If you feel this post is irresponsible, I shall take it down immediately and issue and apology. But, until a protest is lodged, especially if it's by the site's webmaster, I shall keep it here.

To visit the alleged 'PANDUAN PUKULAN TUJUH HARI' site, click here.

Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab




I haven't really seen or read the book but I'm still curious and interested in the subject matter in SMC since the issue came out. Although I haven't had enough time to give my response but I still cannot believe that such book came out.

Nadzrin, would it be too much if I ask you to just summarize (not too thick) perhaps just the basics..what does the book say?

It's ok if you can't...I'm just curious..that's all.

Mohd Nadzrin Wahab said...

Salam hormat Poknik,

I haven't glanced at the book in awhile, but what I do remember is that it seemed to me a badly translated version of various Black Belt articles and pictures with some JKD concepts thrown in.

I can't reproduce the book here since it's still being sold.

Salam persilatan,

Silat Ikhtiar said...

No need to summarize or try and find it. It's a scam and nobody should pay any money for it. The person behind it apparently also deals in sexual products by the look of his website name. You can just download the flimsy rubbish books at the following links for free:



Mohd Nadzrin Wahab said...

Salam hormat Silat Ikhtiar,

I must admit that I didn't investigate the book as much as I should have. But thank you for the download link. At least now, our readers can see what the fuss is about.

Salam persilatan,