09 November 2007

Amron Omar: Paintings on Studies in Silat

Amron Omar
Pertarungan I, 1980

Amron Omar
Pertarungan II, 1980

Amron Omar
Pertarungan III

Amron Omar
Study for Pertarungan II

Amron Omar
Pertarungan, 1989


Anonymous said...

It is indeed a great effort in signifying Silat to the society, provided that the effort is in accordance to Islam. This can be done in so many different ways. Hopefully, the society, we as Malaysian Melayu (Malays) in particular, can carry on the continuity of this useful tool of life.

Valmiki the Younger said...

beautiful, expressive drawings. the world should see them

Mohd Nadzrin Wahab said...

Salam hormat,

In reality, we need very talented people and a concerted effort to promote traditional silat with values. I believe one of them is you, ustaz.

Unfortunately, the second aspect is often the most visual, such as inane silat demonstrations, sports silat, record-breaking, etc that meets the eye of the public. If silat wants to be seen, it has to show its true self, and not what other people make it out to be.

Through the internet now, there is a resurgence of interest into traditional silat, which many of the new generation has thrown away.

As for Valmiki, thank you for your support. As Optimus Prime says: Freedom is the right of every sentient being. Nuff said.

Salam persilatan,