18 November 2007

Dengar. Fikir. Faham.

Two weeks ago, a vastly knowledgeable master told me the above words. Within only a couple of hours, he gave me enough to think about for a long time. Every day since, I have found his words ring true again and again.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You are truly a diamond in disguise.



First of all, my thanks to Brother Nadzrin for inviting me to network with this resourceful blog. Before I move on, I need to emphasize that I do not represent PGSSAJKM officially. Thus, to all members of PGSSAJKM, please be nice..all my views herein do not represent the society.

OK..having said that - back to business.

Listen, Think and Understand

are equivalent; in my context;

as "UNDERSTAND" not "MEMORIZE". It is a cliche that I use during my consultancy and training sessions.

You may memorize formulas but you will know the formulas better if you understand the mechanism.

Just my 2 sens worth.

What a wonderful blog you have here and may I congratulate you for such a good job.

Anyway, I like to be known as PokNik (as usual)

I may want to comment on certain issues highlighted but again, seeing ustazshifu, IBA even yourself is more than enough to give me the shudders and goosebumps. You guys to me; are silat and religious dictionaries.

Again, I'll try my best to contribute.


Mohd Nadzrin Wahab said...

Assalamualaikum Poknik,

If you decide to refrain from commenting, then you hold back the one thing we need the most: mujahadah.

I hold you to your responsibility to correct me when I am wrong in order to make this blog useful to everyone. The blog is not an ego trip. It's not about me. It's about silat.

Both Ustazshifu and Pak IBA have called me out on several errors I have committed in the blog and SMC and I have corrected them as quickly as I could.

I appreciate your comments, wherever you wish to make them.



W'salam...whoaaaa...I get the picture now...you really mean business.

Ok..I'll see what I can do....so far, I see the articles herein are very well-written.

So I was wondering where to start...I'm a guy who doesn't like overlapping..but rather complement.



Mohd Hisham said...

whoa can't stop reading your blogs :) This is a real gem, since you cross-train, just out of curiousity (and if you don't mind sharing) - from whom did this come from exactly? thx

Mohd Nadzrin Wahab said...

Salam hormat Hisham,

This particular gem is from Guru Idris bin Alimuda of Silat Firasah.

Salam persilatan,