04 November 2007

Silat Legenda - Corn in a cup

I was running around the Net when I found a poster of Silat Legenda, Malaysia's first animated feature film produced a several years ago.

It certainly brought back memories of my sprinting to the box office to buy two tickets for myself and a friend. We had actually gone there on good faith, not knowing what the storyline was about.

For blog readers, here's a synopsis: Five kids in modern day Melaka discover five miniature keris which, when activated, become five enchanted weapons: a a sword, an arm band, a shield, a whip and a staff. Unknown to them, an ancient evil villainess is thirsts after the power of the weapons and will stop at nothing to get them for herself. End of synopsis.

My friend and I were worried the tickets would sell out. It WAS the first screening day. Unfortunately, we had arrived after the show time but we decided, watching most of it is better than nothing at all. Thus, we bought our tickets and walked in the theatre. There was nobody inside! Did we get the wrong hall? The usher said it wasn't a mistake. So, we sat down. The screen was as black as a silat uniform.

It suddenly dawned on us, that we were the only two idiots who actually came to see this movie. A couple walked in and looked dumbfounded, then looked at us. All I could say to them was, "Malaysia Boleh!" and they laughed, sitting down.

With four people in the cinema, the movie started. I started cringing. Five keris changing into five other weapons, none of them being a keris. No silat moves whatsoever except superhuman powers granted by the weapons themselves and laser bursts from the sword (and the point of having a sword if it can shoot lasers is...?)

Sigh... we walked out of the cinema two hours older and RM16 poorer. It was a disappointment, no doubt about it. But at least, I can say for a fact, I saw Silat Legenda on its opening day!

Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab

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