24 November 2007

Human Weapon - Silat - Martial Art of Malaysia

Several months ago, the History Channel, which produces the martial arts documentary series, Human Weapon, decided to include silat in its research collection. Although I myself was supposed to be involved in this project, but several scheduling matters forced me to sit it out.
However, a detailed account of the documentary team's visit was published in SENI BELADIRI magazine. Over several months. The documentary is slated to be aired on 23rd November 2007 in the USA. However, it is unknown exactly when it will come to our shores. Below is an extract from the History Channel website about the episode:
Despite its emphasis on hand-to-hand combat, in many ways martial arts are about how not to fight. This is one of the first lessons hosts and seasoned fighters Jason Chambers and Bill Duff learn on their globe-spanning quest to discover the traditions and techniques of the world's fighting styles.
Learn with them as they seek out Masters of ancient and modern disciplines in the lands where they were created. Discover the cultures that gave rise to distinct martial arts. Witness as Jason and Bill challenge a champion - a true HUMAN WEAPON - after only a week of instruction!
Few martial arts match the exoticism of their country like Silat.
Beautiful yet deadly, Silat was born in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Practiced in secrecy for centuries, and with strong ties to Islam, Silat is one of the most intriguing and least understood fighting systems on the planet.
Now our hosts Jason and Bill face the world of Silat - and their own fears - head on. Join them for an intense Malaysian adventure as they train in sweltering outdoor compounds, in the shadow of the world's tallest twin towers, and jump through rings of fire in preparation for the ultimate test: a pitched battle against six Silat masters.

Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab

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